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Thank you for all your love,support and blessings. Our site has now truly become the meeting place for spiritual minds. Besides social networking, we have had important spiritual thinkers participating in our “Spiritual Hour” radio show. We are adding many new features in the coming which include a new dimension in Astrology and we are also planning retreats.

Om Swaha Karma


Who Was Allan Kardec?

Allan Kardec (1804-1869) is the “nom de plume” of Hippolite Léon Denizard Rivail, renowned nineteenth-century French pedagogue and author. Albeit his immense contribution to the Sciences and to present day society, Allan Kardec’s name remains vastly unknown and unrecognized in our time.

Besides coining well-known terms such as “reincarnation” and “spiritism”, Allan Kardec was the first to ever conduct, document and publish scientific, evidence-based, systemized studies of the paranormal and their astounding implications to humanity. As a result, he is often called the “compiler” (or “codifier”) of “Spiritism” (also known as “The Spiritist Doctrine”), a vast body of knowledge with scientific, philosophic and religious aspects.

It is with the intent of disseminating the results of his life-long studies and not the man behind them, as he himself would prefer, that this website is affectionately dedicated.