Becoming Super-Human Through Toxin Elimination And Nutrition

Author: Hakeem  

The great Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu GrandMaster Helio Gracie, who passed this year at a very strong, active and alert age of 95, has often been heard saying that disease enters through the mouth. These are tremendous words of wisdom and may be expanded upon to illustrate that diseases must enter somehow. My experience shows that as a first action to be healthy and vibrant is not to add more to our systems to achieve health, but simply to eliminate the poisons entering from the outside, through food and the environment. The next step if necessary, is to then rebuild using natural supplementation, not synthetic pharmaceuticals. This is because the imperfect science behind creating these synthetic technologies and products are the very reasons for our toxic overload in the first place.

We must create a new and cleaner supply of agricultural, industrial and environmental products by demanding better quality. The way we do this is by recognizing through personal experimentation, the differences in quality of certain food, household products and the like. By choosing to purchase the better for us products and ingredients, we send a message for the supply of these to increase.

When we take a simple step such as this we come closer to cleaning up our environment and thereby improving the quality of our life experience and allowing our bodies and minds to evolve to the maximum and optimum functioning possible.

There is a popular D.C. Comic Book character named SuperMan. Whenever he is exposed to a fragment of his home planet Krypton, which is called Kryptonite, he becomes weak, mortal, falls ill, and if he does not get away from it, he will die.

A few year ago, I watched a supplementary video to the books 8 Weeks to Optimal Health and Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil. In the video, Dr. Weil relates a story that was told to him by another physician. It was about a river that was full of life until a paper making factory was situated and operating on the riverbank and began polluting it with the chemicals from the factory.

Eventually most, if not all of the life in the river died off. Then, later on, the paper plant closed shop, or for whatever reasons moved on, leaving the dead river behind. However, since the river was no longer being poisoned, it eventually revitalized itself.

Dr. Weil compared the human body and its health to the river, and I agree. I am also taking it a step further and comparing the toxins on our planet to Kryptonite, and we humans to SuperMan.

In the case of the river and of SuperMan, it is obvious that there is a toxic situation, but most people are totally unaware of the way they are being slowly poisoned by the foods and products they trust and use every day. There is a whole lot of debate over whether or not the so-called organic foods, and certain nutritional supplements have any benefits beyond conventionally produced foods or not using supplementation.

I have created simple elimination diet experiments called Food Awareness Subjective Testing (F.A.S.T), published previously here, and used them myself to determine the truth of these situations for myself. Basically, I discovered that organic foods are less toxic than conventionally produced foods, and that using nutritional supplements such as herbs, vitamins and minerals, do have therapeutic and healing qualities. I feel and function like a Super-Human!

Unfortunately, most people are living in a state of diminished health and consider it to be normal, because most others around them generally experience the same quality of health.

When SuperMan was on his home planet Krypton, he and the other inhabitants were all mortal, as we are on Earth, because of the environment of Krypton and its red sun. With us humans, it is our man-made toxic environment that keeps us from being Super-Human.

In one of my favorite cartoons growing up called the ThunderCats, there were a group of villains from the Moons of Plundar called the Lunattacks. Three of theses Lunattacks have special abilities that are noticeable when they go to Earth where the environments are not as demanding as their places of origin.

One is from an ice moon and she is called Chilla. Because of her cold origin, she can spit ice and survive extreme cold environments. Next there is Red Eye who comes from a dark moon. He can see in the dark through infra-red vision. Another one called Tug-Mug, comes from a moon with very powerful gravity and has very strong legs and can jump very high on 3rd Earth where the gravity is not nearly so strong.

In all of these sci-fi examples there is a very relevant truth regarding human health and vitality. I theorize that if we could visit a planet identical to Earth as far as the composition of its plant-life, minerals and atmosphere, water content etc., without any inhabitants polluting it, we would probably go into shock. If we had any dis-eases, we would rapidly begin to heal, and then go on to experience Super-Human abilities in contrast to what we experience here on our polluted Earth.

However, since it may be a long way off before we leave for another Earth-like world, we must take steps now to demand a cleaner environment by choosing the highest quality foods and products that we can find.

SuperMan’s incredible strength and other powers are fueled and supplemented by the yellow sun of our solar system. Similarly, every cell of our bodies are dependent for optimum health on vitamin-D produced when we are exposed to adequate amounts of sunlight. Perhaps through this type of natural sun exposure and supplementation with vitamin-D and other nutrients when necessary, we may all find ourselves feeling and functioning our natural and Super-Human best!

Wide Awake Living

Life has a way of bringing us exactly the experiences that are needed to awaken us (even if they are not the ones we might choose) and we can notice the same process in our collective experiences as participants in our governments and economies.

If you have looked deeply into this for yourself, or if you happen to have read my book Life Beyond Belief you are quite familiar with how the circumstances of our everyday lives support awakening out of our ideas, and into the reality of what is happening beyond our thoughts about it.

One of the collective experiences of our time is in the political arena, whether it be between different political parties or different countries. In politics in America for instance, although we of course remain individuals, many of us classify ourselves as being Republicans or Democrats. This is one more label (not so unlike calling ourselves Israelis or Palestinians) with which we categorize our thinking. Whichever particular category we choose represents particular sets of ideas about how things like governments and economies work. In the present climate of economic downturn, bank failure and unemployment, the outstanding characteristics of these categories are differing ideas about what we should do to set things right.

If we look into both sets of ideas, we can notice that although these categories of thinking are different one from another and go on to discount each others points of view, they also have something in common. Both political categories are the same in that they each consist of ideas only (or call them ideologies) and people who internally categorize themselves in this way are constructing their own mentally derived realities based on those ideas. They are seeing the world through an ideological filter.

So here we are. The economy is messed up and it continues to go in an uncomfortable direction. Its easy to see that we could become fearful over this and polarize further into our ideological corners. That is one invitation life makes–and perhaps we need to further explore our fears before we are ready for another option. If we have looked into it deeply however, we know better than to act out of our fears. We know where that takes us. We know the end result. We see it in all the wars going on in the world. We see it in the ideological gridlock on Capital Hill. Life is showing us something here.

Here in the 21st century, we have somehow now developed a capacity to respond to life in a different way–a way that is not an externalization of our fears, such as war, hatred and self-righteousness have been in the past. We find that there is another possible response now. We no longer are tied into being a Democrat who resists Republicans or visa versa. We are becoming aware of who we are (before thought arises) and are moving beyond this old ideological narrowness into a deeper and more satisfying human experience.

We can begin to see a third optional response to our circumstances being demonstrated by the world around us, in nature and in whatever particular circumstances we find ourselves in. Of course I write this without knowing what is happening in the life of each reader, but I write it nonetheless out of a trust in how life works. Life gives us each exactly what we are ready to see in each moment. I look around and I see morning coming. I see the morning light meeting the darkness without hatred or resistance. I see the pull of gravity pressing downward on the upward growth of my houseplants and the trees outside my window without rancor. I notice the ideas passing through my mind, flowing like water, doing what they do, going where they go, without having to be either right or wrong; without needing to make others right or wrong.

Without categorizing, ideas flow with grace and openness. Life is at ease with itself. Difficulty and opportunity, dark and light, gravity and growth are two sides of the same coin. Discomfort simply guides the attention to what we need to notice in each moment. All is well each moment, and yet action is unhampered. In fact action is freed. The freedom from inner categories, the embracing of seeming opposites in ourselves, seems to imbue our actions with an impact beyond what was previously possible. We fulfill our parts in the collective experience with the vitality of life flowing through us, moving us in unique and perhaps unexpected ways.

by Alice Gardner

9 Dimensions Of Kappaguerra

"The Only War to Wage is Within", is a system of "Healthy Living and Self-Defense" with many internal and external features resembling, or, based on other well known Martial Arts; specifically Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, Boxing and Wrestling.

The name KappaGuerra rhymes with Capoeira from which it derives many movements and much of its culture and philosophy. KappaGuerra is also  structured with the Science of Numerology. Kappa is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet. 10 is a 1 in numerology as 1+0=1. Guerra is the Portuguese and Spanish word for war; thus "The Only War…"

Numerology also utilizes alpha-numerics. Each letter in the alphabet correspondes with one number from 1 through 9. The following 9-Dimensions are explored as a KappaGuerra Practitioner, and are listed here as a brief and general overview.

1. (AJS) A Journey South- Sweeps, take downs, footwork, falls, rolls, lower-body strikes…
2. (BKT) Black Kite’s Tail- Throws, boxing, acrobatics, climbing, hand/eye coordination…
3. (CLU) Close Lines Unite- Inside fighting, trapping, grappling, wrestling…
4. (DMV) Dark Mind Visions-  Self-Hypnosis Exercise (SHE), psychological strategies, lucid-dream exploration…
5. (ENW) Entering New Worlds- Metaphysics, meditation, Dream Action Yoga (DAY)…
6. (FOX) F O X- Animalistic movement for enhancement of agility, flexility, speed, power, control…
7. (GPY) Group Play Yard- Facing multiple combatants, fighting alongside others…
8. (HQZ) Head Quarter Zone- Protecting and attacking the neck, head, and sense organs…
9. ( I R ) Inner Resolve- Improvisation, spontaneity, Independent, Integrated-Intelligence (3rd-I)

In each Dimension of KappaGuerra, there are 9-Levels or frequencies, represented by 7 colors of the visible spectrum of light, sandwiched between black and white; the absence of all light, and the integration of all colors. The colors from red to violet correspond with the 7 most commonly referenced Chakras of our Kundalini energies. These colors may be used as a general rating of skill level in each dimension.

1. Black; "in the dark", beginner.
2. Red
3. Orange; low vibration
4. Yellow
5. Green; center
6. Blue
7. Indigo; high vibration
8. Violet
9. White; all colors; master.

In numerology 1 is the beginning and 9 is completion. 9 vibrates with the characteristics of the numbers 1 through 8; just as white-light can be separated into all of the other colors, red through violet, by using a prism.

Besides having personal experience using Capoeira, Boxing, and Wrestling as Martial Arts, both in competition and street-fights, and currently as a method of Healthy Living and Self-Defense, here are a few more insights to their combined utility.

Capoeira is primarily explored because of the rich history behind it, the diversity of movement, The Berimbau, music, the rituals and "party" atmosphere of the events (rodas) and training. Technically proficiency with escaping, countering and redirecting rather than blocking attacks. Physically it is an optimum training practice for full body strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and agility. Very good kicking and leg work. Uses lots of close fighting and take-downs which is very congruent with wrestling.

Boxing is effective with learning to protect the head and attack with the hands. Great cardiovascular conditioning. Techniques for causing knock-outs and protecting the bones of the hands. Excellent real-fight preparation: sparring. Includes Thai Boxing (Muy Thai) and Neng Da ("super-punches").

Wrestling is effective for understanding, guarding and countering complex and potentially  dangerous chokes and joint manipulation; moves that may decide a victory in the ring, but can kill or disable in the street. Wrestling, written here, and applied in KappaGuerra, is an open term for all grappling, throwing and submission disciplines.

KappaGuerra is the dynamic, physical discourse that embodies the concept of "Personal Development Through the Love of Learning", or what I call "Heuristic-Philology". The heuristic method, through which pupils are taught to find out things for themselves, is best fueled by philology; the love of learning. Exercise Your Mind; the body must follow.

No Man Is An Island

In this time of job crisis I have started a site which collects job listings from various places and posts them. The intent of the site is that you get a job fast.


John Donne (1572-1631) said "no man is an island". What he meant by that is that we are all a part of the whole and we share the same goals and dreams. What affects one affects the whole. Therefore we all benefit from mutual assistance, support and respect.
I was introduced to a brand new job site called  This site has blogging benefits, meaning that people can reveal details  about any particular job posting, if they choose to.  is committed to helping others find jobs during these challenging times. There are hundreds of listings already in several states, and more are being added daily.
I encourage you to check it out. At the same time may I gently remind you to keep positive, watch your self-talk and help others in any way you can. Helping others will also help you. Do not underestimate the power of a smile and a kind word. It will go a long way.
We can and we will get through this together! 

Om Sai Nath

Sacred Mexico Retreat This March Last Minute Rate Reduction And Invitation

Author: Ginafrans

We would like to extend to you our last minute special to join us for an exciting and unforgettably transformational journey to sacred Mexico this March 5-10, 2009. During this trip we will be visiting the ancient city and temples of Tulum on the sea. We will also participating in a healing ceremony with a Mayan shaman. There will be a workshops on crystal healing and shamanic journeying, as well as opportunities to meditate and raise consciousness on the powerful vortexes of the area. You will have the chance to learn to dowse for ley lines and energy spots; receive reiki treatments; relax on the beach or swim with the dolphins and meet like-minded people.  And yes, there will be plenty of free time for you to enjoy all the amenities of the resort, town, and natural area. We realize that you need this break for yourself and so our program is very relaxed and casual giving space to make this YOUR TIME.

We will be staying at a 5 star resort on the beach on the Playa del Carmen for the all-inclusive rate of $675 per person in a double room. Single rooms are $975 per person. This includes all food, workshops, tour, drinks, activities, and transfers to and from the airport. This is a special rate that we found, but requires the viewing of their timeshare program. We do not benefit from this in any way, except that we wanted to find you the lowest rate possible. If you wish to go, but don’t want to watch their hour presentation, then we can set you up with an all-inclusive rate at a little higher price. If you want to go, but want to find your own hotel nearby, then let us know and we can arrange a rate for you for just the activities and workshops.

This chance won’t last for long. We are extending this offer due to continued interest in our journey. If you or your friends would like to go, please let us know and we will reserve a place for you. We also have a group discount rate if you have several people who would like to be there. The deposit to hold your place is $150 and we have extended the deadline on this until Feb. 5. If you know several people who would like to go, ask us about our affiliate program and receive cash for those you sign up on this retreat or others.

And by the way, airfare has gone down in 2009! So, act now while the prices to travel are low! To give an example, a month ago our airfare went down from $700 to around $350! We don’t include the price of airfare in our offer, but just wanted to give you an example of how the airlines have currently lowered their rates.

Another opportunity for you is that we will allow those who attend to promote their own healing practices or businesses, if you have books, cd’s or healing services that you wish to share. We won’t give a long presentation time for this, but you have to opportunity to network and offer your time if you wish. We do emphasize that this is a relaxed and healing retreat, but we realize that many of you may have creative gifts and healing that you would like to share too and we welcome your participation and interaction.

Contact us here to register or email© or call 479-754-8273 or 479-774-2495

Blessings of Love and Light,
Gina and Frans

From Om To Orgasm Book Review

Author: Chandi Devi
From Om to Orgasm
Chandi Devi & J Ram Sivanand
ISBN: 978-1-4343-4960-6
Non-Fiction, Tantra, Sexuality, Spirituality
Reviewed by Michael Woodhead

Tantra involves more than just sex, and this “primer” explains so much more of the spiritual, psychological, moral, and physical reasoning behind it. Utilizing a multitude of charts, photographs and illustrations, the authors demonstrate how Tantra works, and what various elements of it correspond to or mean. As they draw on both ancient and modern resources, the authors explain and expound on such concepts as life energy, the Chakras, yin and yang, karma, love, intimacy, the Tantric secret to manifestation, sexual union, worship, just to name a few of the topics related to this ages-old art of spiritual sexuality. Also included are some suggested practice sessions for individuals and couples, and some “quick Tantra tips” which take five minutes or less to complete.

Overall, this is an excellent introduction to a highly misunderstood life path. Explanations of various concepts abound and, although better suited for couples, the information presented is more than adequate for individuals as well, offering wisdom regarding significant others: “the partner we select should share our basic philosophy of life, possess interests, energy and passions similar to our own, and have a capacity for spiritual growth, mental expansion, and emotional development”. Certainly, advice we could all use from an early age.

Also included is an interesting chart that contrasts Western thought and Eastern teachings, i.e. Western religion and Eastern spirituality. If you’re curious at all about Tantric philosophy, then this book is for you.

Sacred Mexico Retreat March 5-10, 2009

We are very pleased to tell you about this exciting opportunity for us all. March 5-10, 2009 we are embarking on a beautiful and magical journey to sacred Mexico at Playa del Carmen near Cancun and we want you to come with us! This is a very exclusive and lovely area with pristine beaches and close access to the sacred pyramids and sites. Its very tourist friendly, safe and an amazing energy to experience.

We will be staying at an unbelievably luxurious 5 star all-inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera beach and visiting sacred sites, giving spiritual workshops, and allowing some free time to enjoy the area, amenities, and friendship of like-minded souls. There are even ancient Mayan sites on the property! We have a very great price for all this which gives you a huge discount a day from what this would normally cost!

Our workshops and activities will include: Shamanic Journeying; Healing workshops; Crystal Skull Intro; How to activate Crystal skulls and Crystals; Dowsing for ley lines and vortexes at the sacred site of Tulum on the sea; Connecting and healing ourselves and the sacred grid; Mayan Calendar workshops. Meditations and much more! There is also a place to swim with the dolphins next to the resort! We are making plans to have a mayan shaman who lives in the area work with on this.

The all-inclusive price for all accommodations, food, drinks, activities, tour, workshops, meditations for 5 days and 4 nights will be $865 per person in a shared, large suite with 2 people. If you would like your own suite (they are large!), then it would be $1125. You also can stay longer if you like for an extra $150 per day for one or two people.

Please let us know very soon if you would like to go with us at this very low price because the rooms will fill up very quickly. It may be possible to still join us later, but the prices for the hotel will be much higher. $525 would have to be paid to the hotel as soon as possible and a $150 deposit paid to International Spiritual Experience by Dec 15th. Normally, the price would be around $1200 in a shared suite per person (as opposed to the $865 offer) or $1800 for a suite by oneself (as opposed to the $1125)! Don’t let this opportunity slip away! You deserve this and it will be an incredible journey of transformation, fun, and healing that you will never forget!

Blessings in Light and Love,

Gina and Frans(ISE)

PS You may also be interested in our upcoming plans for Mallorca in May and Summer Solstice in Ireland. We will let you know about these also. And the photos from the Celtic New Year Retreat in Ireland last month our on our website in the gallery. It was an amazing experience for sure! Thank you to those who supported us in spirit!

PSS Here is the link for the registration form. Deposit to hold space due Dec. 15 ($150)


Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance in Canoga Park with Saahira. She is simply the best. Call 340-yoga.
Fridays from 9-midnight Dance Jam. $10.00. If you bring a friend its $5.00 each. This is not a class. It’s an opportunity to just have fun dancing to a wide variety of music in an alcohol free, smoke free, pick up line free environment. Dance like no one’s looking.
In the Mudra Yoga and Dance Studio 21835 Sherman Way, Canoga Park Ca 91303, (818) 340-YOGA

The Soulmate Or Twinflame Shankari

The New Age belief in a soulmate or twinflame is the belief that god made us whole and then split us apart into male/female manifestations. It is the belief that one can only be complete as a person if they find this perfect mate, the soulmate. I would like to openly question this belief system. The first idea is that god did not make us complete, and we are left to wander the earth looking for the perfect person to make us whole. When we find that person our lives will be blissful and heavenly. It’s quite a huge expectation to place upon one person. This unknown poor person must fulfill all the ego attachments that I have. I guess they would have to have lots of money, constantly pour praise upon me, be a knight in shining armor, and be great in bed too. All the while I don’t need to look inside myself or provide anything to cure what’s ailing me. That will be the duty of the soulmate. If he’s not here in this lifetime, then I must languish through this lifetime, but preferably not without a few sexual partners. We do seem to find ourselves incomplete or lacking. We find that we have so many needs and desires and they just cannot be filled. We want money, and cannot get enough of it. We want people to like us and praise us, and we just can’t get enough of that either. We want sex and we just can’t get enough of that as well. We are driven by these cravings and feel unfulfilled as a result of these cravings. We will never be fulfilled as long as we have these issues. We are victims of our own demons, and project these demons out onto the world preferably onto the unfortunate soul who we name as a “soulmate”. In other words, the inner problems are taken from the inside and projected onto the outside. We not only focus this on the outside, but also project this onto a mythological person called a soulmate. Because someone else can never cure our inner problems, we are constantly searching for this elusive beast, and never find him/her. It’s seductive to say that this other person can meet all my needs. Who wants to listen to some old ascetic talking about looking within to fulfill our needs? That’s too much work, and besides I won’t get any sex while I’m looking within either, or money, or praise or attention. The old ascetic’s advice is for free, but because we want someone to tell us what we want to hear, we’ll pay thousands of dollars listening to someone who will tell us what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear. Notice the New Age guru who goes through 7 husbands to finally find her soulmate only to divorce him as well. This craving cannot be filled. She rolled over 7 different lives searching for a myth only to find her inner turmoil remained. Another person would not lift her inner turmoil, because that turmoil lies within her—not outside of her. Notice no one questions why this love guru who speaks about soulmates had seven unsuccessful marriages. If this person were so adept at finding a soulmate, she would not have gone through seven different people to find him meanwhile destroying all seven people. I say question it. If your psychic or New Age guru has multiple marriages, he/she should NOT be talking about love. Obviously they have not mastered the technique very well. Do soulmates exist? Did god make us incomplete? I will tell you what an old ascetic told me. Our only soulmate is god. We are searching for that inner truth that can only be answered through a spiritual quest. We should not place this burden upon another person to fulfill. We need to be willing to take the hard lesson and understand that sometimes lessons are difficult and sometimes the old ascetic is right. Sometimes the person we are looking for is right in front of us. Divorcing another person to go on a fantastical journey to nowhere is ridiculous. Stay with that person and see what the problems are. Many times we will discover the problems are within. When we divorce people, the problems remain. They don’t go anywhere. Don’t try to take another person’s spouse away either. If you think that your soulmate is married to someone else, he/she is not your soulmate. Get a grip on your lust. (Now if you are being spousally abused, I would say leave right away without question.) Being alone is okay. It’s a time to listen to ourselves and find out who we really are. It’s okay to be an ascetic too. We don’t all have to be married or find fulfillment being sexual. Sometimes we focus so much on finding “true love” that we miss the chance to meditate in silence alone. When we are young we are so eager to satisfy our sexual desires that miss an opportunity to focus exclusively upon study, or upon finding out who we really are. We won’t be a really good partner unless we have taken that chance to step back, grow up, and reflect on who we really are. When we are old as well, and our spouses have passed on, we can take the time to develop ourselves and make peace with our own mortality. We need not continue to have cravings or attachments that we had when we were younger. At that point we need to be aware that our entire personality is about be deleted by death. We need to spend time contemplating that rather than struggling to stave off these reflections by searching for another sex partner.

Use Sacred Geometry To Increase Performance And Heal Your Life!

Sacred Geometry is the scientific study on how our environment influences us on how we feel, think, act, and react on a daily bases. You can see a few examples of the power shape and cemetery  has on us through the architecture of the Pyramids, Yoga Poses, Chapels, Temples, Cathedrals, Church’s (steeples), The Merkaba, The Star of David, The Flower and Tree of Life, Christian symbology (The Cross) and so much more…

You can also take the scope inward and see on a scientific level how these mathematics and structure applies to atoms, protons, neutrons, and other energies that consists of what we know as the basic building block of life!

Now due to all the imperfections of our planet like stress, negative thoughts, pollution, the electric and telephone lines, cell phones ect. These devices send out electric magnetic currents that disrupts our brain wave states (Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta)  not allowing you to process!

And when using the technology (our product) you start to see extraordinary effects on your emotional, physical, and spiritual states as you begin to clear and process through these brain wave states allowing you to live and maximize your self to your fullest potential!

For more info, videos, and your free Mp3 and Sacred Geometry "Love Tester" check out … 

Peace and Many Blessings : )

W.I.S.H  F.O.R  L.O.V.E

*Wealthy Individuals Serving Humanity For One Reason Laws Of Vibrational Energy