That Your Astral Eyes Are Not Bound By The Temporal Domains

"Is this path difficult?" I questioned haltingly.

"It can be difficult if your attention is in the wrong place," answered the holy man. "If you constantly focus your attention downwards into the manifold attributes of the world, you will become identified with matter. But if you focus your love aspect constantly upwards into the Being of God, you will eventually become merged with the all-embracing love of the Supreme Lord. Love is an inherent quality of the human heart; and it is through love that the most potent truths of all creation are apprehended."

(The Pilgrimage of James, An Odyssey of Inner Space, by George Arnsby Jones, Peacehaven Press)

Oh, you, that your astral eyes, are not bound by the temporal domains,
And even the sun in the sky becomes insignificant when it faces you.

In all the visions, there is nothing but his Light,
And that is why I have sought the company of the sublime beings.

We remain alive eternally by recollecting the Almighty,
As we are, for ever, indebted to his compassion.

To recollect the Beloved day and night, should be your only motive.
One must not remain without his remembrance, even for a moment.

The one who attains solidarity through the recollection of God,
He attains eternity along the celestial existence.

(Kalaam-e-Goya, gazals and quatrains of Bhai Nand Lal)

Your conscious heart is brimful with godly brilliance.
You were just a flower but have turned into a flower-garden. 

Roam around in this landscape of yours,
And, like a virtuous bird, soar through.

There exist in each corner of that (landscape), thousands of celestial gardens,
And both these domains are the grains from the same ear.

Celestial recollection is the food for that pious bird,
His remembrance is its recollection, and its reminiscence.

Whosoever is imbued with the recollection of the Almighty,
The dust of his avenues is collyrium for our eyes.

If you gain the celestial remembrance,
Then, 0 My Mind, consider, all your adversities eliminated.

(Kalaam-e-Goya, gazals and quatrains of Bhai Nand Lal)

A Rare Inter-Faith Moment In Human History!

In antiquity, Greek became a universal language, and there was indeed some communication — various religions, philosophies, and spiritual movements did influence each other: Platonic thought, Hermetic philosophy, Judaism including the Essenes, Jesus Movement, Pythagoreans, Gnostics, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Hindus, Mithras and followers the other mystery schools.

Now we have English as the universal language and the the worldwide web as a global communications system. The internet age does help to promote synthesis and will probably lead to some interesting new spiritual movements that incorporate elements from various world religions. I’ve noticed some of this already. An example of this. I remember reading about one group that has three holy books: Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Koran. A kind of unified Abramahamic faith seems to be their goal.

The following passage is from the, Recognitions of Clement, composed sometime during the second or third centuries AD, from chapter twenty. The author has very nice things to say about those in India who worship One God, follow peaceful customs and laws, and are vegetarian.  IMAGINE! Clearly he sees parallels between his own religion and that of his brothers and sisters "in the Indian countries." This is one of the most amazing passages I know of in the extra-canonical scriptures, as it is a rare example of one religion (post-Essene Ebionite or Hebrew Christianity) recognising "Truth" in another religion (Hinduism), a rare inter-faith moment in human history, and one later stamped out by Orthodoxy when the Ebionites were declared to be "heretics". Recognitions of Clement, and, the Clementine Homilies, are surviving Jewish-Christian texts representing an Ebionite point of view.

"There are likewise amongst the Bactrians,
in the Indian countries,
immense multitudes of Brahmans,
who also themselves,
from the tradition of their ancestors,
and peaceful customs and laws,
neither commit murder nor adultery,
nor worship idols,
nor have the practice of eating animal food,
are never drunk,
never do anything maliciously,
but always fear God."

— Recognitions of Clement,
Volume Eight, of the,
"Ante-Nicene Fathers"

OM Shanti,


Meeting An Enlightened Master

Rishikesh, Sanctuary of Sadhus, Sages and the occasional enlightened Master

by Meggan Brummer
Sydney, Australia

(Meeting an Enlightened Master — Note: This is the section of the article describing an encounter with Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj at the Maharishi Mehi Ashram, Kuppa Ghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar District, India.)

Passing on by the temple entrance I eventually come across a middle-aged American dressed in orange robes peeing behind a rock. His ablutions complete, we engage in the kind of brief conversation designed to assess mutual spiritual worthiness! It transpires he had arrived in Rishikesh some months previously, dipped in the Ganga and prayed fervently for a Master and for spiritual guidance. His prayers were answered by Swarmiji, a holy man who took him on as a pupil and even allowed him to share his dwellings. It is one of those ‘coincidences’ as it is Swarmiji I am seeking, being fortunate enough to have been previously granted an interview with him.

I am soon led through the simple entrance to Swamiji’s living quarters. Swamiji, speaking only Hindi, translated by his American disciple, invites me to sit down on the earthy clay floor besides a beautiful Shrine on which revered pictures of some of the greatest Masters of all time are lovingly displayed – Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Guru Nath (a great 12th century yogi) and Hanuman, aspired to by many as the perfect devotee, with unparalleled strength and commitment.

The 7th of the 8 Limbs of Yoga – Dhyana

My experience with Swarmiji enforces the emphasis I have noted that Masters place on the practice of dhyana (meditation). Dhyana, Patanjali’s 7th limb of Yoga, (as described in the Yoga Sutras), is an integral part of any authentic yoga practice. In fact, the purpose of practicing yoga asanas is considered by many great yogis to be the foundation of one’s preparation for dhyana. Through the practice of asanas the body and mind are prepared for the state of inner stillness which would otherwise be illusive to attain.


Swarmiji was devoted to his guru, Maharishi Mehi, who, at aged 90, could no longer walk. Swarmiji would carry him around to give his talks and lectures.

Maharishi Mehi was a disciple of Baba Devi Sahab, whose belief in the importance of yoga can be seen in his words "You may remain Hindu, Muslim, Christian or a follower of any other religion. But while living the pleasures and pains of human life, do not live even a single day without inner meditation." Mahatma Ghandi, one of mother India’s most beloved children, was an equally strong advocate of the benefits of meditation, once saying "today I have so much to do, I will need to meditate for two hours instead of one."

Consistent Daily Practice

According to Swami Satyananda Saraswati, even a day’s break in one’s meditation practice lessens the accumulated benefits, as the everyday impressions which gather in the chitta, (memory) will be more difficult to go beyond. An irregular sadhaka (practicing yogi) either sleeps in meditation or is lost in his samskaras (impressions)."A regular sadhaka is able to overcome sleep and dream states, and experiences are seen on the subtle planes."

Devoted to Meditation Swamiji obviously adopted this dedicated attitude to the practice of meditation. His routine has him in bed by 9 PM and then up at 1AM to meditate. For 45 years he has been practicing the meditation taught by Maharishi Mehi, a method which has been handed down from Guru to disciple for over 3000 yrs. "Get up early and do your meditation," says Swamji, "5 hours sleep is enough if you have deep meditation, deep meditation."

According to his new American ‘cave-mate’, Swarmiji starts his day meditating for 3 hours, seemingly entering a state of Samadhi, (a transcended state of Self-realized awareness). He then silently goes about his morning chores – chopping wood, cleaning, carrying water, before taking his daily bathe in the Ganga. "Even though he is walking around and doing his chores he is very introverted and meditative. But in the afternoon he becomes very playful."

Brahmamuhurta – the best time for meditation

In conversation with Swarmiji, he suddenly bursts out enthusiastically with "Brahmamuhurta!" This, I learn, is the time between 3.00 AM and 6.00 AM known as the most favourable time for Sadhana (one’s spiritual practices). During Brahmamuhurta, so called as it is considered the most auspicious time for meditating on Brahman (God), the mind is calm and less engaged with worldly thoughts, worries and anxieties. Also the atmospheric energy during this time is more charged with sattva (purity), increasing the likelihood one’s practice will go deeper, with the corresponding health and well-being benefits.

Singing the Ancient Wisdom

Quite spontaneously Swamiji picks up a strange looking string instrument which he begins to play. He sings centuries old songs revering enlightened Masters, their spiritual teachings and methods of meditation. Later he tells me that for thousands of years, great yogis have handed down certain teachings through these simple folk songs.

The Purpose of Life

With Swarmiji there is no such thing as idle chatter; he talks of the impermanence of the body and the purpose of life – attaining spiritual enlightenment to avoid samsara (endless rebirth). He reminds me that when I die nothing will go with me; I will have to leave everything behind, except the accumulated spiritual wealth of my personal sadhana.

New Money: How To Print Your Own!

37 ways to join the Gift Economy

by Beverly Feldman and Charles Gray

You don’t have to participate in a local currency or service exchange to be part of the cooperative gift economy. Any time you do a favor for a family member, neighbor, colleague, or stranger you’re part of it. Here are some ways you can spend time in the gift economy, where you’ll find fun, freedom, and connection.

1. Start a dinner co-op. Rotate among the homes of friends and neighbors for weekly or monthly potlucks.

2. Help a local farmer with the harvest in exchange for some of the crop.

3. Put up a traveler.

4. Hold twice-yearly sport supply exchanges so kids can acquire new skis and baseball mitts and everyone can try out a new sport.

5. Harvest wild or unwanted fruits and vegetables.

6. Grow your own, and give some of it away.

7. Share seeds and clippings from your garden – especially native and "heritage" species. Hold an annual plant exchange.

8. Organize a "non-consumption booth" at a farmers’ market or street fair. At the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market, the Environmental Chat Corner hosts discussions of environmental issues, sustainable building and landscaping, ecotourism, and community development.

9. Buy food or supplies in bulk and share with friends.

10. Form a home-repair team to fix your own place and others’.

11. Request help of someone usually regarded as needy.

12. Create your own rainy-day fund with your friends. One group pooled $1,000 each, which they lent to any in the group who needed it. The fund helped members survive a lost job, a stolen bicycle, and a broken arm.

13. Make space available to other people to grow food on your land.

14. Borrow garden space from someone who has extra land; give them,or a food bank, some of the produce.

15. Give co-workers neck and shoulder massages.

16. Offer to mentor a young person.

17. Ask a 12-year-old to show you how to get onto the Worldwide Web.

18. Throw a block party.

19. Show up at a soup kitchen and ask for volunteer help.

20. Rent out extra space to people needing a place to sleep, work, or just to get away, or exchange the space for yard work or baby-sitting.

21. Convert a duplex, apartment building, old nursing home, or seminary into a cohousing community.

22. Convert a barn or warehouse into a space for artists and start-up businesses.

23. Create a space for neighbors to keep and share infrequently used tools and extra garden supplies.

24. Start a baby-sitting or child care co-op.

25. Hold a monthly clean-up of a beach, park, roadway, river bank; get coffee houses to donate goodies.

26. Plant trees. Get the city to select and donate them.

27. Find a person on each block who will help neighbors get assistance when needed – from other neighbors when possible.

28. Share a car.

29. Or start a car co-op with various vehicles for different uses. Share expenses based on mileage.

30. Paint donated bicycles and place them in downtown areas with signs indicating they’re for anyone to use.

31. Become a foster parent, a ‘big brother’ or ‘big sister.’ Notice the ways everyone benefits!

32. Exchange lessons, for example, cooking for carpentry.

33. Teach a skill, like carpentry, and ask your students to donate time to others.

34. Adopt a stream or a highway to restore, maintain, and beautify.

35. Work with your neighbors to develop a vision for your neighborhood’s future.

36. Hold talent shows. Give kids lots of recognition, and everyone opportunity to discover their hidden talents.

37. Create your own money. Use ideas from YES! to start a community currency or skills exchange.

Special thanks to Beverly Feldman, Charles Gray, Sandra L. Kettle, Linda Pierce, and Steven Rauchman, for contributions to this section.

Yes! Magazine – supporting you in creating a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world

The Spirit Of Graciousness

Beloved Children of the Sun, it is with great honor that we step into our roles as AMBASSADORS OF LIGHT. The absolute brilliance of our unified field is glowing as it accelerates at higher and higher levels of Universal Consciousness. We serve passionately and selflessly. We guide ourselves with Compassionate Love. We avidly seek opportunities to empower others. We offer gratitude for the abundance and joy that we experience collectively in the Oneness. But then we ask, "Have I done enough? What can I do better?" May we consider now that the missing element needed to harmonize our sacred work is the "Spirit of Graciousness."

The Spirit of Graciousness is a concept of BEING that generates from deep within the heart. On a personal level, the Spirit of Graciousness is the ultimate expression of appreciation in response to every activity in our life and all Creation. It is the state of recognizing, celebrating, and savoring the infinite number of energetic exchanges of giving and receiving with supreme integrity, compassion, warmth, understanding, charm and humility. Graciousness sees goodness in ways so powerful and transforming that sharing gracious space can transmute a toxic situation into a complete and sacred blessing.

On a social level, the Spirit of Graciousness has enormous capacity to reconcile differences and promote peaceful relations. Graciousness instills a sense of trust and truth in the beholder, and assumes a humble stance of honor for every One and every Thing. Graciousness activates the seed of compassion and eliminates the need for judgment. It creates an explicit connection that enables others to feel YOUR appreciation of THEIR presence, essence, and uniqueness.Yet, graciousness also inspires us to honor ourselves. Graciousness begets graciousness.

If we were to teach graciousness, we might take one step at a time by expressing heartfelt emotions in gracious space. For example, we could practice listening graciously, then smiling graciously, or speaking graciously from our hearts. By conducting ourselves graciously, we learn by example how to behold and develop the refined quality of responding with graciousness in order to live a gracious life.

During the Full Moon Grid Transmissions, let us propose to define ourselves and our sacred work by the Spirit of Graciousness. Let us intend with thoughtful embrace that all of Humanity share the intensity of our combined essence of Love, Gratitude, and Graciousness.

May our blessings of PEACE and THANKSGIVING flow outward to the world in a manner that resonates with deepest honor and appreciation of each other and all of Creation.

We shine forth IN THE ONENESS.

The Planetary Grid Transmissions, Full Moon this Saturday, November 24

Being A Starseed Lightworker

Being a starseed lightworker means to undergo painful process of being a human. But this trial was unnecessary because without it I/we wouldnt understand how difficult it is to break free from illusions of this world and start to live as a real FREE soul-individual.

Enslaved human mind is difficult to proceed, all those programs set into genes and DNA, but without this experience we couldnt help inhabitants of this planet to ascend into 5D… It is alway very easy to know how we would walk in another s moccasines…

Celebration Of Life, Love And Light Thanksgiving Message


Greetings of Thanks and Love to Everyone!

Some quotations for you:

We are love loving in the field of love…TES

Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This thanksgiving, i want to play a game, the Yes to Universal Love and Peace“Gratitude” Game. Tell me who or what you want to thank in your life and why.

The most meaningful thank you will win a special price!!!

All members of YES to Universal Love and Peace at get to vote by sending me their vote and message at:

Let’s play the game of life, the blissful life!

I want everyday to be thanksgiving day so we’ll continue it everyday even after thanksgiving. Every month we will pick a winner! Cut off is 12 midnight of the end of the month. The most meaningful thank you will win. Members can vote and the winner will be posted before the 15th of the next month.

Who do i want to thank? Okay, here’s mine for today…

My thanks for:

You for your being

The Universe for allowing me to play the game of "Yes toUniversal Love and Peace by 2012 and Onwards "with you.

My family members for teaching me how to allow, let others be and be free without judgment.

My dwelling for giving me shelter.

My partner for teaching me how to allow each other to be without judgment, share spirituality in ways I did not know is possible, love each other and set each other free.

The enlightened Masters for giving me the gift of light, life, love and understanding

The common people for letting me observe them and learn from them everyday of my life here on earth

Our Car for providing transportation to do my daily tasks

The angels or unseen beings, whom i cannot see but gives me insights into other dimensions of my being and endless possibilities for living this life the way i imagined it to be

The makers of the internet for allowing me to connect with you in ways i never imagined.

My computer who is working with me round the clock in doing my mission here on earth

My plants for giving me inspiration to be

The animals for teaching me how to be myself and how simple indeed life is.

To my infinite self for allowing me to play this game of life and love in beauty, joy, contentment and peace.

To people who give me some challenge which makes me stronger everyday just facing such challenge.

To that infinite love source from where i draw love everyday 24/7

Thank you! Thank You1 Thank You!

To be continued!

Here’s some Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes:

Raw "Not" Turkey Recipe

¼ c sunflower seeds

1/8 c pumpkin seeds

½ c grapeseed or olive oil

1/8 c chopped green pepper

1/8 c chopped celery root

2 Tblspn Artisana Amazon Bliss Butter or raw almond butter

1 Tablsp. powdered ginger

3 pcs Hadley dates

¼ c parsley chopped

1 Tblsp. powdered sage

Salt to taste

Pinch of cayenne

Medium green pepper

Process everything in a food processor except the green pepper. Open 1/3 of the green pepper and remove the top, seeds and pith. Stuff the inside of the pepper and cover the pepper with the remaining mixture. Top with the cranberry sauce and decorate with raisins, celery top, whole cranberries and oranges.

Cranberry Sauce:

½ c cranberries

1 inch ginger root

1/4 c orange juice from one orange

15 Hadley dates

2 Tblsp. grapeseed oil

Process everything in a food processor and spoon on top of the “not turkey” dish.

There are other healthy thanksgiving recipes from:

Just look for the "Raw Living Food” Group and look at the discussions…

The Best Ever Pumpkin Pie Pecipe is good. No cooking!

The "Love" drink is equally yummy. Check it out!

No cooking is eco-friendly…

Infinite Blessings of Gratitude, joy, love and more love,


(Janaki is the name i use as a raw chef and is my spiritual name too)

Our Problem Is That We Expect To Feel Secure

Many of us have had past crises and problems, yet our worries and anxieties continue in the present. We believe that our situation causes our fears and we say, "If only things were different, I could relax." Yet even when everything is going well, we still get anxious that something unseen is amiss. When we are immersed in our fears, unable to let go and live life joyfully, we may become emotionally absent from our loved ones.

Our problem is not that life is insecure. Of course it is. Our problem is that we expect to feel secure. We put great energy into achieving control and having everything "just right," but quite naturally we end up without control. Then we think something is wrong. Instead, we can choose to turn our fears over to our Higher Power. We do that by talking about our fears, taking the steps we can, and trusting our Higher Power for the outcomes. Then we return to emotional contact in our relationship.

Tell your partner something you fear and turn it over to your Higher Power.

Spiritual Hour With Elizabeth De Vries

Nov 21: Elizabeth De Vries is a spiritual astrologer, artist, counselor and teacher. She will be discussing the holiday horoscopes for all the signs. Her "beauteous imagery" expresses her appreciation of the essence of beauty as shown on her website

As a child, Toronto born Elizabeth DeVries (EdeV) spent countless hours in nature. She loved to spend hours alone with her wild creature friends. Her deep love of animals, especially horses, and the time she spent in the forests led her to a sense of the beauty of God’s creation. She recognized that her sensitivity to beauty was inborn, and that she viewed all life through a different lens than most. From early childhood, Elizabeth had visionary experiences that brought her into mystical and magical worlds.

Elizabeth writes, "My first love affair with flowers commenced with the rose. Be it a delicate tea rose with the light shining through or the multi-petaled hybrid, they all stir my heart with sweet memories of life with my long deceased mother. Each day of her life started and ended with flowers. She nursed them through the harsh Canadian winters, delicately wrapping them with cloth to avoid the deep ground frost. She taught me to give them loving care, to transplant, prune and fertilize them, to wash their leaves and caress their spirits with a soft encouraging voice. I happily embrace her legacy of love."

Upcoming Shows:

Nov. 28: William Thornton, D.C.
Dr. Thornton is currently an instructor at two Oriental Medicine – Acupuncture colleges in Los Angeles where he teaches Western clinical medicine and clinical nutrition.  He is a graduate and former faculty member of the Southern California University of Health Sciences, Whittier, California. He is the host of “The Natural Health Report,” a health & wellness program, Tuesdays at 9:00 am Pacific on radio station KTYM 1460 AM in Los Angeles, and on the internet at, part of the NHC Radio Network.

Dec. 5 : Steven S. Sadleir

of the Self Awareness Institute will lead us on a special Shaktipat Guided Meditation. Mr. Sadleir is recognized as a Shaktipat Master in two lineages, as well as studying meditation with many of the world’s enlightened masters. He is the Director and co-founder of the Self Awareness Institute, a scholar and lecturer of philosophy, author of  several books, including "Wake Up, Live the Life You Love" which he co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Solomon Sami Azar

Hello, my name is Solomon Sami Azar-. I have combined the century old ideas of Tesla & Einstein to produce safe nuclear fusion of heavy water in order to end the energy crisis- When the scientific community has found this and understands -the energy crisis will be over-I have been guided to this discovery by the heavens- by a force in this universe we are all connected to in spirit and pray to in the name of god- I have put together many signs and connections to form the big picture-In conjunction of receiving messages of unity from our lord for ten years now( my proof is my semitica website i made 8 years ago-i have not touched it since as my mission took time to complete) I am a messenger of GOD- I have formally written the Sanhendrin of Israel to be examined-there seems to be an open position of jewish messiah/13th apostle/13th Imam/whatever-well I am the 13th- and I am willing to step up to the plate and perform my duties- i have given many stories here and my website of NOBLEFUSE for you to see that i have not self proclaimed myself anything-but rather- i have been given the authority by the powers that be and all those whom possess energy to seek the truth will see—i humbly thank all who have given me their blessings—IF WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN SOUNDS UNORTHODOX TO YOU-MY ROAD TRAVELED TO SOLVE THIS ENERGY CRISIS WAS UNORTHODOX-THE WEIGHT OF MY WORDS WILL BE FELT WHEN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY HAS UNDERSTOOD THE MIRACLE I HAVE UNCOVERED–TO NOT WALK ON WATER-BUT TO DELIVER IT FOR UNLIMITED & CLEAN ENERGY— TIME WILL TELL