The Official Release Of My Album “Poet”

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I am happy to announce the official release of my album, "Poet" today:)  There are several places where you can pick one up and where it will soon be available.

You can visit my myspace page and click on the Buy Now Button on the front.

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Visit my myspace page and click on the Buy Now button to purchase!

You can also send a check or money order payable to Tiffany Apan to the following address:

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Some Exciting News

Hi everyone,

I have some exciting news:)  First, as many of you probably know I am collaborating with Chuck Owsten and Bonfire Night for the Arthurian Celtic Rock song, "Three Pale Queens."  In addition to that, I was approached by Trance music producer from Fresno, California, Der Mystik, to lend my vocals to a track for an album project he is making.  I just recieved the song and it is definatly different from what you guys have been hearing me do, but it is a very cool song and I’m really looking forward to working on it.  So you’ll be hearing me venture a little into the world of Trance/House/Electro music:)  To hear some samples of Der Mystik’s work, visit his myspace page at 

With my album’s release just around the corner (Tuesday:D), I am announcing my first ever contests for my friends and fans to win an autographed copy of my album, "Poet!"  There are two contests and both will be going on throughout the months of March.  For the first contest, if you are on my monthly newsletter (available on my myspace page and the homepage on my website), you are automatically entered to win.  For those not on my newsletter, you can do one of three things: either sign up for my newletter and you will automatically be entered in the contest (plus get monthly updates and other perks) or you can simply post a reply to this blog or send me a private message stating that you would like to be entered in the contest.  2 names will be drawn on April 1, 2008 and the winners will be contacted via email or pm and their names will be posted in my areas on the web.  Visit to join my newsletter:)

The second contest is being presented by the Femme Metal Webzine and Forums.  This contest in based on ‘audience participation’ on the Femme Metal forums.  As their Artist for the Month of March, I will be donating some merchandise (including an autographed copy of Poet) to the Femme Metal forum moderators.  Here are some details about this contest from the Femme Metal moderators:

"From January 1st 2008 Femme Metal Forum will be holding a competition for quality poster. QUALITY not QUANTITY. At the end of each week the person with the most quality posts/topics will be the winner and will recieve a Rosette in their signature. Then at the end of each Month the person who has the most quality posts/topics will recieve free band merchandise. The winner will be announced on the first of each Month."

To join this contest, visit the Femme Metal Forums at

The new issue of Twisted Dreams Magazine is now available.  They advertised my album and tour in their Musical Coffins section, so support this magazine:)  Visit them at

Finally, yes you read that correctly: a LIVE chat with me coming soon!  I am teaming up with the wonderful people at for this one.  The first Live chat with me will be held in the new chatrooms at with the first chat being held on March 31, 2008 at 8pm-9pm EST.  We are still getting this together, so I will post more info soon.  Karmacaffe also did a great interview with me which can still be seen at 

Thanks to everyone for their support and have a wonderful evening.


7 Stages Of Mystic Ascension To Heaven

"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." — Dadu

7 Stages of Mystic Ascension to Heaven:

1) Praise or Bhakti,

2) Prayer,

3) Manas japa (simran, praying without ceasing, repeating the name of God — mantra, the first stage of meditation), 

4) Manas dhyana (visualising the form of the Living Master, second stage of meditation),

5) Dristi sadhana (seeing Inner Light at the Third Eye Center, third stage of meditation),

6) Nada Sadhana (hearing the Inner Sounds — Surat Shabd Yoga, fourth stage of meditation),

7) Reaching Kaivalya (Oneness with Soundlessness, the Nameless One, Formless Supreme Being, the Supreme State, The Ocean of Love — the Goal)

Three Important Requirements: Praise, Prayer, Meditation

By Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj

There are three important requirements to be met in the practice of a person who pursues devotion to the Divine and seeks to attain liberation. First is praise; second is prayer; and third is meditation. We know that when we are indebted to someone, we should express our gratitude and appreciation. God has blessed us bountifully.

Although we are unable to repay God for his generous blessings, we can acknowledge this goodness by chanting praises about the Divine Being. When we exalt God through song, we declare the glories of the Divine. In doing this, we remember the grandeur of God. As a natural result, our faith in God increases. Unless we acknowledge someone’s qualities, it is impossible to be faithful to that person.

Tulsi Das Sahab says:

Without having the knowledge of the nature of God
it is impossible to know him. And without understanding
his qualities we can not have love for God. Without love
we cannot have devotion and true faith. This is as
unattainable as the mixing of water and
oil [which is impossible].

Therefore, in order to have devotion and faith in God it is necessary to know the grandeur of God. Once the glory of God is known, our heart is attracted to God. This is a great way to keep your heart in devotion to God. Thus, it is through praise that we extol the divine powers of God and draw our mind toward God.

After singing praises to God we, then, pray. Prayer is supplication with deep humility. In general, people have desires and make demands. Only the great sages do not have wants.

Kabir Sahab said:

My desires are gone, as are my worries.
My mind is filled with detachment.
One who does not want anything is
the king of kings.

Sant Tulsi Das says:

People desire sons, wealth and fame in this world.
Why do people desire that which taints the mind?

Why do we desire these things?

Sant Tulsi Das considers this:

[Fleeting] pleasures come to us without asking,
whether we are in heaven, hell, house, or forest.
Why then do people work so hard to get these
pleasures while they ignore the advice of the
sages [to seek permanent joy?

Why do we invest so much effort in acquiring these worldly pleasures which come to us naturally? And let us consider as well that there is always pain involved in acquiring worldly objects, and that an even greater exertion is required to sustain them. And further, when these very same insidious sensory pleasures leave us, the distress is even more intense. This is why, the wise do not ask for things which are transitory. The truth is that our desires should only be for something which would eliminate the desire [for worldly pleasures] itself. In reality, the only thing we should be asking God for is to achieve union with the divine. After realizing the Divine, there is nothing left to be achieved. This is the end of all wants.

Prayer and invocation are not merely concerned with the mindless muttering of requests, but rather, prayer should be the voice of our heart. God always listens to the one who calls out with a pure heart.

In the Yajur Veda (chapter 20) it is said:

Oh God, even as we unknowingly commit various
sins, day and night, please forgive these offenses
and ill desires. You are omnipresent, like the
pervasive wind.

We have previously spoken about prayer in both Christianity and Islam. Christians refer to this practice as prayer, and Muslims call it ibadat. We see that in all theistic religions there is a great emphasis on prayer.

Communion or Meditation Practice

The practices of praise and prayer-glorification and invocation-are followed by communion through the practices of contemplation and meditation. The Sanskrit word upasana literally means sitting near God. The saints distinguish four categories of upasana. The four basic practices are 1) Manas japa, 2) Manas dhyana, 3) Dristi sadhana and 4) Nada-nu-sandhana.

— Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, in, The Harmony of All Religions

Meditation Practice (Sadhana) According to Sant Mat Mysticism

There are several meditation practices in Sant Mat. There are several techniques described, the specific details of which are taught to students at the time of their deeksha (initiation) into the practice:

1) developing a daily routine, the habit of meditating at the same time or times each day;

2) proper posture with back straight so that one is truly focused at the Third Eye and remains alert and awake;

3) Manas Japa (Simran), a mantra repetition of a sacred word or words done mentally;

4) Manas Dhyan, the technique of mentally visualising a form of God or one’s teacher;

5) Drshti Yoga (Yoga of inner Light), the technique of focusing upon an Infinitesimal Point. This Point will eventually blossom into inner Light or visions of Light. One gazes into the middle of the darkness or the Light one sees while in meditation. Think of the Infinitesimal Point as being like a laser pointer or cursor keeping one focused. One passes from scene to scene and vision to vision always looking toward the center;

6) Nada Sadhana (Yoga of inner Sound or Bhajan), the practice of inner spiritual hearing; and,

7) reaching the State of Kaivalya: Oneness with the Supreme Being in the Pure Conscious Realm. The ultimate goal is to merge into the upper level of Kaivalya known as the Ocean of Love and Compassion, the Ultimate Reality of God in the Nirguna or Formless State, also described with terms such as Radhaswami (Lord of the Soul), Anami (The Nameless One) and Anadi (The Soundless State beyond Light and Sound).

The poet-mystic Param Sant Tulsi Sahib describes the interior journey this way:

There is a Being who is Inaccessible (Agam), unfathomable (Alakh), and Nameless (Anami), and who has no locality, location, and is not confined to space.

Sant Tulsi Sahib also often uses the Sufi language of love or bhakti, describing this Timeless Spiritual State of Oneness as the Abode of the Beloved:

On having found the teacher, I shall adopt his refuge,
and I shall follow the path to my Beloved’s Abode.
The way to the Beloved lies within. My heart’s desire,
says Tulsi, is that my soul may meet the Beloved.

The love-intoxicated soul is bubbling with joy. The
darling of the Beloved has prepared and bedecked
the bed and, imbued with the Beloved’s bliss (ananda),
has cast away all bondages. The soul prepared the
Beloved’s bed, and, lying there, enjoyed great bliss.
(from, The Shabdavali of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib)

Love Spirit

It is our passionate desire to create complete loving consciousness amongst human beings and all on this beautiful planet Earth. We are husband and wife Bart & Jody. It is our mission to bring people together that wish to assist with transforming the consciousness of humanity into One World Love. One World Love is where people love and care for themselves, each other and all of the creatures and environment on Earth. It is a world united and living in the harmony of love and joy.


LOVE SPIRIT is the name of our band.

We are musicians and write and record all our music from our heart for the heart.

You can listen to our music on our myspace

Thoughts By Telluselle

Love resides in the core of your heart. It is the source of life and an energy that is light, good and neutral. It has no boundaries and it has no preconceptions or prejudice. Love has no expectations. It is a feeling of PURE joy, understanding, accepting and belonging.

To reach that place you need to clean out all other feelings that lies in your way. You have to let go of your will to control and your ego. It is constant work but with time it gets easier. And once you have found that pure feeling, that reconnection in your soul with the divine force, you also find happiness.

Love is always shown through you action no matter what your words are. And as I experience it, you can’t really give or receive love – you can only share what already is… What is love to you?

Saraswati, Goddess Of Sound

"Exploring the World of Spirituality, Comparative Religion, Gnostic Gospels, Hidden or Lost Scriptures, Mysticism, Websites, and Books"

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music and the arts.

The Rigvedic hymns dedicated to Saraswati mention her as a mighty river with creative, purifying, and nourishing properties.

In the beginning there was chaos.  Everything existed in a formless, fluid state.  "How do I bring order to this disorder?" wondered Brahma, the creator.  "With Knowledge", said Devi. 

Heralded by a peacock, sacred books in one hand and a veena in the other dressed in white Devi emerged from Brahma’s mouth riding a swan as the goddess Saraswati.

"Knowledge helps man find possibilities where once he saw problems."  Said the goddess.  Under her tutelage Brahma acquired the ability to sense, think, comprehend and communicate.  He began looking upon chaos with eyes of wisdom and thus saw the beautiful potential that lay therein.

Brahma discovered the melody of mantras in the cacophony of chaos.  In his joy he named Saraswati, Vagdevi, goddess of speech and sound.

The sound of mantras filled the universe with vital energy, or prana.  Things began to take shape and the cosmos acquired a structure: the sky dotted with stars rose to form the heavens; the sea sank into the abyss below, the earth stood in between.

God of Learning, the Arts, Music (plays the veena), and river

Key Practices Of The Radhaswami Faith – Path Of The Masters

By Huzur Maharaj, from Discourse 25 of Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume One, Agra, India, 1893

Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai: "Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"

Note: The Prem Patra Series, Volumes I-VI, is one of the primary texts of the Radhasoami Faith, an extremely valuable encyclopedia of Sant Mat teachings and practices.

(a) That Merciful Radhasoami is the True Supreme Being and is Omnipotent and the true Father and Mother of the entire creation;

(b) That the Surat Shabda Yoga [meditation upon the inner Light and Sound of God] is the true and perfect method of spiritual practice and is an easy path for reaching the Original Abode. There in no method or path in the entire creation superior to this nor there can be any, for all other methods followed in the world depend on those currents which terminate within the limits of Maya [illusion] and therefore cannot lead to the Region of the Merciful Lord. In the Radhasoami Faith, one has to ascend with the current of life (i.e. spirit) and as this current of life or spirit is the most superior essence in the whole creation and the entire creation depends on it for its existence and is maintained by it, there is no other current better than or superior to it.

(c) That the mind and the senses are made up of the material of Maya and therefore their inherent inclination is outward and downward towards the enjoyments of the world and its objects. Their activities are considered desirable if only they accord with one’s needs but there is real harm and loss if useless and unnecessary desires crop up. Therefore it is very necessary for a devotee to restrain and check his mind and senses to some extent, particularly at the time of the spiritual practices, otherwise he will not get as much pleasure in the practices of Bhajan [lovingly listening to the inner Sound Current during meditation] and Dhyan [visualising a Master or contemplating inner Light during meditation practice] as he should.

(d) That love for the world and worldly people and attachment to wealthy persons and association with them create obstruction to some extent in the love for Merciful Radhasoami [Lord of the Soul] and in spiritual practices. Every devotee can confirm this within himself by associating with such people for some time. It is therefore desirable and necessary that one should associate with and love such Jivas [souls in creation] only to the extent that may be proper and necessary. It is not desirable for a devotee to develop one’s attachment for them and to waste his time uselessly either in their association or in all kinds of worldly gossip.

Learned people also, who truly love reading books, spend their time very carefully i.e. they spend all their time in reading new books and newspapers with the exception of the time spent in earning their livelihood and other essential work pertaining to their body and family. How much care should then be exercised by a devoted paramarthi [one who follows the spiritual path] to see that he does not spend his time unnecessarily?

(e) That the devotee should surrender himself in all sincerity in the Feet of Merciful Radhasoami and should have full faith and reliance in His Grace and Mercy.

II. If a devotee constantly keeps these five facts properly in mind, it is believed that the obstacles created by Mind and Maya as well as obstacles of the world would have very little effect on him and his devotional practices would be performed more and more successfully day by day and progress in them would be maintained while he would also get some joy and bliss.

And it should be noted that all the following activities are included in devotional practices:-

(a) Repetition of the Holy Name [Radhasoami];

(b) Repetition of the Holy Name along with Contemplation of the Holy Form;

(c) Bhajan;

(d) Reading Holy Books more or less intelligently or listening to them in Satsang;

(e) Discussing the principles of the Radhasoami Faith or listening to such discussion;

(f) Thinking about and reflecting on matters pertaining to the Radhasoami Faith and its practices and pondering upon them; and

(g) Examining the ways of one’s mind and senses daily and keeping the mind under control as far as possible [self-introspection and self-correction].

12. The devotee should not make unnecessary haste in paramartha and should know that even worldly affairs e.g. acquisition of knowledge are not satisfactorily done in haste. When the student spends all his time in studies only and even goes away from his family and relations and agrees to live at the school, easily fifteen to eighteen years are spent in education. How could then this great work of paramartha [the spiritual path] be done so quickly, when hardly only two, three or four hours are given to it every day and the rest of the time is spent in worldly activities and in the association of worldly people? It is really an act of great Mercy of Merciful Radhasoami that He showers His Grace on us even when we put in so little labour and grants to a true devotee at least some internal help in a few days.

— Huzur Maharaj

Unravel The Fourteen Inner Levels Within You – Sant Tulsi Sahab

"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." — Sant Dadu

English rendering of Hindi translation, by Maharshi Santsewi ji Paramhans, of a verse composed by Sant Tulsi Sahab of Hathras, founder of Modern Lineage of Santmat, excerpted from the October 2004 edition of the Hindi Monthly "Shanti Sandesh" (Message of Peace) published from Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppa Ghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India -812 003.

– English Translation by Pravesh K. Singh

Once a Muslim gentleman, named Taki, called on Sant Tulsi Sahab. He submitted to his (Tulsi Sahab’s) kind attention, "You are the Guru to Hindus and Pir to Muslims. I have come to you to learn some divine secrets from you. It would be a great favour, if you could enlighten me." Sant Tulsi Sahab said, "Ask! What’s it you want to know?" Taki asked, "Where does Khuda [God] live? What is the way to find Him?" What Sant Tulsi Sahab said in reply in verse form is presented below:

Original Verse:

"Sun ay Taki na jaaio jinahaar dekhanaa |
Apane mein aap jalawaye diladaar dekhanaa ||
Putalee mein til hai til mein bharaa raaj kul kaa kul |
Is paradaye siyah ke jaraa paar dekhanaa ||
Chaudah tabak kaa haal ayaan ho tujhe zaroor |
Gaafil na ho khayaal se hushiyaar dekhana ||
Sun laamakaan pay panhuch ke teree pukaar hai |
Hai aa rahee sadaa se sadaa yaar dekhanaa ||
Milanaa to yaar kaa naheen mushkil magar Taki |
Dushawaar to ye hai ki dushawaar dekhanaa ||
Tulsi binaa karam kisee murshad raseedaa ke |
Raahe nizaat door hai us paar dekhanaa ||


O Taki! Listen! Never look or search outside to find God |
He is within you; behold His Light which is illuminating your inside (the Inner Sky) ||

All the secrets of God–Realisation are hidden inside the black `til’ (Point) that is located within your pupils |
However, those secrets will be revealed to you only if you learnt to see beyond the dark curtain (that is, beyond the empire of darkness that is seen on closing our eyes) ||

Rigorous practice of inner meditation would unravel the fourteen levels (including the seven levels of `pind’ or body and the seven levels of `brahmaand’ or the macro-cosmos (namely, ajnaa chakra, sahasradal kamal, shoonya, mahashoonya, bhanwar gufaa and sat lok) |
But for that to happen, you will have to alertly focus your attention at the place prescribed by the Guru ||

On reaching into the `shoonya’ or void, you would listen to the Sound or Word… |
…The sound (primeval or Quintessential Sound) through which God has been calling you right since you separated from Him ||

It is not difficult to find the dearest (God), but O Taki…|
…it is difficult to look beyond that difficult curtain of darkness ||

Tulsi Sahab says, but for the merciful grace of an accomplished Guru… |
It is almost impossible to find the way out beyond the three coverings or veils of darkness, Light and Sound, and to meet the Supreme Lord! ||

I Might Renounce God, But Can Never Abandon My Guru!

Author: Pravesh K.

[English rendering of Hindi translation, by Maharshi Santsewi ji Paramhans, of a verse composed by Sant Sahajo Bai, excerpted from the September 2004 edition of the Hindi Monthly “Shanti Sandesh” (Message of Peace) published from Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppa Ghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India -812 003.

English Translation by Pravesh K. Singh ( , ) ]

Original Verse:

“Ram tajoon pai guru na visaaroon |
  Guru ke sam hari ko na nihaaroon ||
Hari ne janm diyo jag maanhee |
  Guru ne aawaagaman chhudaaheen ||
Hari ne paanch chor diye saathaa |
  Guru ne laee chhudaay anaathaa ||
Hari ne kutumb jaal mein geree |
  Guru ne kaatee mamataa bedee ||
Hari ne rog bhog urajhaayau |
  Guru jogee kar sabai chhutaayau ||
Hari ne karm bharm bharamaayau | 
  Guru ne aatam roop lakhaayau ||
Hari ne mo soon aap chhipaayau |
  Guru deepak de taahi dikhaayau ||
Fir hari bandh-mukti gati laaye | 
  Guru ne sabahee bharm mitaaye ||
Charandas par tan man waaroon |
  Guru na tajoon hari ko taji daaroon ||”


I may abandon Ram (God), but I can never forget my Guru |
I do not see God with the same sense of gratitude as I do my Guru ||

God sent me into this world |
But Guru rid me of the vicious cycle of birth & death or transmigration ||

God sent five thieves (the five sensory organs namely eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin which keep on stealing (the pleasures in) objects of senses viz. form, sound, smell, taste and touch) to accompany me |
Guru rescued me, the helpless, from the captivity of these (thieves) ||

God ensnared me in the trap of kiths & kins |
Guru, on the other hand, freed me by snapping the shackles of attachments ||

God entangled me in various diseases (bodily as well as mental) and enduring the fruits of fate or deeds performed in earlier births |
While Guru liberated me from all these afflictions by making me a yogi i.e. by making me perform “Yoga-Sadhana” (‘Drishti Yoga’ and Shabda Yoga’) ||

God misled me into the illusory web of doing (good as well as bad deeds) |
But Guru made me see, taking me beyond these, my true Self ||

God hid or concealed Himself from me (though He is in me, I couldn’t see Him) |
Whereas Guru, lending me the lamp of inner eye/ vision, enabled me see Him ||

God brought me repeatedly in the fetters of the body and the four kinds of ‘mukti’ (liberation which is not genuine) namely, ‘saalokya’, ‘saameepya’, ‘saaroopya’ and ‘saayujya’ |
But Guru, imparting the experiential knowledge of ‘kaivalya mukti’ (access into the sphere of pure consciousness i.e. primeval word), ended all my wanderings & delusions ||

I (Sahajo Bai) offer myself whole-heartedly, with all my physical and mental resources, in sacrifice at the lotus feet of (my Guru) Charandas ji |
I may renounce God, but can never ever forsake my Guru ||


Sahajobai was a devout girl hailing from Rajputana of the state of Rajasthan, India. She had accepted the disciplehood of Sant Charandas ji Mahaaraj. The story of how she got converted to the path of devotion is quite interesting and inspiring. Her marriage ceremony had just been over. Preparations were afoot to send her off to her in-laws’ house. Her hair was being done. She was being meticulously dressed & decorated. Her friends were busy doing her make-up. It was then only, shall we say by the quirk of the fate, that Charandaas jee appeared on the scene. Looking at Sahajo Bai whose make-up was in progress, he remarked,

"Chalanaa hai rahanaa naheen, chalanaa wishwaabees,
Sahajo tanik suhaag par, kahaan guthaavai sheesh."

[O Sahajo! This world is not your permanent abode. We would have to leave, it is dead sure, this world. Would you trade your head for such a fickle & ephemeral conjugal bliss?]

No sooner than these words had been uttered, she put off all items of make-up & decoration, and gave up the very idea of going to her in-laws’ place. Instead, she got herself married to a life of meditation and grew up, in due course of time, into a great devotee and sant herself. She could attain the Ultimate Perfection (Self-Realisation) by meticulously & rigorously obeying the instructions of her Guru, and thus, she had gratefully experienced his infinitely grace. It is with this deep sense of gratitude in her mind that she has expressed her heartfelt emotions towards her Guru in the above verse.

Such miraculous transformations are the results of highly elevated sanskaras! We, too, can purify our sanskaras by making efforts in the right direction. Sanskaras do not befall us, or come to us, as it were, overnight or readymade. They are formed, processed and purified over a number of cycles of births; lives of only such persons, who have made such endeavours in their past lives, get so easily and instantly metamorphosed with a slight rub of the matchstick, in the form of attending Satsang, or coming into the blissful company of saints.

We all, therefore, should regularly attend Satsang. It is an extremely noble thing to do. Let us listen intently, with rapt attention, to the lectures of sants; it would do a lot of good to us. However, we must not stop merely at listening. We should also ponder over, think over, and reflect over what we have listened to acquire ‘manan jnaan’. Then, we should try to translate the knowledge so acquired into practice (i.e. ‘nididhyaasan’) which, if done perseveringly, would mature into ‘anubhav jnaan’ or practical experience. This way, we would do the greatest good to us. JAI GURU!

We Want To Make The World A Better Place

My partner and I just launched a new concept in efundraising –

We are baseball coaches who are really involved in our (combined) 6 kids lives.  Baseball, soccer, art, school….and through all of those activities we always seemed to be doing some type of fundraiser.  Most fundraisers we found were a lot of work and a small return.

We thought there had to be a better way.

We live in Marblehead.  We love the outdoors. We love our kids.  We want to make the world a better place for our kids.