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Al and Pala


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From Om To Orgasm – Tantric Yoga

By James Bean
Copyright June 2008

Exploring the World Religions  — Book Review

"From OM to Orgasm — The Tantra Primer for Living in Bliss."
by Chandi Devi and J. Ram Sivananda

ISBN: 9781434349606

Published by Author House:

Website: http://www.TheWorldOfTantra.com

Now I know what you’re thinking: "Oh no! What does sex have to do with spirituality and exploring the world religions?"  There’s this funny saying I once came up with: ‘If your parents never had sex, chances are, you won’t either.’ 

On a more serious note. The art of tantra, despite what some in the West have done to present it in a way that is divorced from it’s holistic, traditional Hindu context giving it a different sort of reputation, one might say, nevertheless is very spiritual and integrated with other aspects of Hinduism and the Yoga system.

I recently interviewed Chandi Devi, one of the authors of an impressive new book on Tantra yoga.  Below is part of that conversation.

J: Thanks for joining me Chandi to talk about your new book.

Chandi: Hi James and thank you for having me.

J: It’s my pleasure. What really impresses me about your book on Tantra is how Hindu it is, which actually makes sense of course! Tantra is a practice that come from the Indian tradition, emanates from the subcontinent of India, but I notice it’s a book as much about Hinduism, Yoga, and spirituality as it is a book about sexuality.  For some reason here in the West, Tantra often gets abused, reduced to sex only. I notice that sort of cultural filtering or tampering sometimes can be an issue or danger with certain teachings from other parts of the world. I can think of several examples where groups or teachers based in the West have gone into business, grabbed, repackaged ideas they have picked up on, perhaps without even being on good terms with Eastern Masters, ending up giving reduced or edited versions of teachings or techniques, yet actually claiming to speak for, or represent, a certain discipline. But if one should happen to get acquainted with the original path or discipline back in India, one realises that the "imported" version is only providing part of the picture, not the whole thing, as we’ve seen with Tantra, in this case: just the physical component perhaps without the spiritual being included. Sometimes imitation is NOT the highest form of flattery. [Laughter.]

Chandi:  Yes, Tantra has it’s roots in Hinduism. It’is very spiritual and there are no shortcuts. Like you were saying, the subject of Tantra has been treated in the West as merely a yoga of sex, and with no preparation necessary, you just get into it and get as much of it as you like. They have reduced it to that when it is so much more. Tantra is so divine. We wanted to show the people of the West in particular that Tantra is a path. It is not a recreation, and it is not pedestrian sex. Sex is a part of it because in Tantra we accept everything as worship to God. If you approach everything that you do as a method to reach God or as an acknowledgement of His divine-ness, then your approach to living and your way of thinking — everything, becomes transformed. Tantra is about transformation: transforming the base into higher states of consciousness.

J: And meditation is part of Tantra as well, visualisation, or what you would call inner techniques?

Chandi: Oh definitely! Meditation is the first step. Before even approaching Tantric sex with a partner it would be very helpful if the parties involved would have already established some kind of meditation practice, because in the love-making they can bring this meditation knowledge or awareness into the sex act. This is what gives it all its power and makes it so ecstatic.

I think it is very important if you have some knowledge of the Right-Hand Path, which is the meditation practices, chanting, reciting mantras, journaling, contemplation — all of that. It’s important to have a little bit of that background, because when you approach Tantra without that, it can wreak havoc on you — it really can…… and I had first-hand experience…..but with the knowledge that what you are doing — all the techniques, it just makes Tantra a lot more understandable. If you just dive into Tantra and say, "Wow, this is great. I can have sex all night long!" That’s not Tantra. It can be part of it, but that’s not it. So basically, Tantra is about energy, taking that energy — sexual energy, and transforming it from the base of your spine all the way up to your Seventh Chakra. You can do it through meditation, or chanting, reciting mantras — it’s also done with a partner. The whole process is for evolvement of the soul and not a de-volvement. Now, what’s happened is that, if you bypass or skip the preparation part of Tantra, you miss a whole lot of the practice. That’s where the joy is. That’s where the permanence is.  You can experience temporary awakenings if you want to call it that, or experience a shooting energy going up your spine and showering over your head and everything, but, unless it is maintained and cultivated and nurtured, you can lose it. You don’t want to lose something like that. Once you have it you want to keep it. You want to treasure it and take care of it. For this reason you do the other practices we mentioned earlier, all the practices, the basis of Hinduism.

J: So Tantra practice is part of that same journey of ascension: going up the chakras — consciousness raising, in other words.  It is another yoga or path towards that same ultimate experience?

Chandi: Oh yes. Positively it is a yoga, with all the same terms, concepts and principals,  such as karma, ego, dharma, maya, being mindful…….all of this is included in the practice. It is not a frivolous path of pedestrian sex. That is not what Tantra is, and there are consequences and dangers if you approach it in that way. That’s why we wrote the book, because we’re trying to show people how they can maintain this ecstatic state by just doing some simple things. Granted. It is hard. We don’t have enough time to do all the things that we want to do, much less to sit for an hour or two a day when you’re in traffic for an hour or two a day, but what we did was try to also include exercises that can be done in five minutes or less. Just simple things you can do.

The book is for people who have very busy schedules, also want to practice in private and not have to go to workshops or classes, but they want to improve their relationship with their partner. Tantra is the best way to improve your relationship and build intimacy with your beloved. If you want to experience spiritual sex, all of these things have to be considered. In the book we cover exercises to do. There are many illustrations as well, quick tips, and charts that can help the seeker, the practitioner as they try to experience this path called Tantra.

In this book we have attempted to present the facets, the gems of light that make for a successful and orgasmic life, not just sexually, but spiritually as well.

Once you have the information, it is important to get out of your head and into your heart, for there is where the real magic and transformation takes place. This is our true center, where all the reflected light of the galaxies, the stars, and the planets affect our entire being. Nityananda said, "The heart is the hub of all places; go there and roam."

Quote from the book:

"We can meditate, chant and do all the practices with reverence, and we can still be "light", and at ease about it. We can laugh even in the midst of a meditation, or dance, or during sex and savor the moment. Meditation doesn’t have to be serious business and it should not be. Have fun with it, have fun with your partner. Laugh, love and live with passion. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you should become pious, have no sense of humor, or become rigid in body and mind."

Prayer at the end:

May your life be blessed,
May you see only beauty
Know only peace
Hear only harmony
And feel only bliss.
May you live always in sex, love and joy.

Hari Om Tat Sat


The Guide Showed Me The Way – Sultan Bahu

Wake up or don’t, mystic, you’ll be awakened by need in the end.

The heart doesn’t awaken by closing one’s eyes, but only when one finds the meaning.

When I truly grasped this point, then did I declare it openly:

I was going along mindlessly, Bahu, then the Guide showed me the way.

— Hazrat Sultan BaHU, Sufi Master, "Death Before Dying — The Sufi Poems of Sultan Bahu," Jamal J. Elias, University of California Press, Berkeley

Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website Faqs

Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 8

I am shy about sex.

You and about 4 billion other human beings on the planet are shy about sex; you are certainly not alone. Many of us have been subjected to some pretty harsh negative social conditioning telling us that sex is bad, dirty and dangerous. Perhaps it can be, but it does not have to be that way. If you want to learn about a healthy, mature, adult sexuality this is the time and place to do it. If you want to reclaim your birthright of being in a body and experiencing the pleasure and emotional connection and spiritual awakening that sacred sex makes possible, this is the time and place to do that.

Don’t be like the thirsty person walking around in a rain storm with an umbrella over their head, refusing to drink. Come to the water’s edge. Take a drink. Have a swim. Find out that the water is warm and safe and nurturing and good. Sex is good. Sex with love is magnificent. Sex as a spiritual practice is over the top. Don’t you want some? Take the very small risk of becoming a member just for one month and see what is available. You will be glad that you did.

Oh yes, on our website you can remain completely anonymous. No one needs to know who you are.

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 7

I want to be sure that you will respect and appeal to my learning style.

We have been careful to appeal to all possible learning styles, presenting the curriculum in multi-media richness including text (reading), audio (listening), video (watching), and live interaction (chat, forums and teleseminars). Much of the content is delivered in the form of exercises that lovers can do alone and together in order to develop high levels of skill mastery with repetitions and practice over time. We are quite confident that all learners will find the mode of presentation best suited to how they like to learn new information and skill.

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 6

I want a site with more information and more material.

First, it is not just about the quantity of material. It is about the quality of the right material.

Second, if there is something you are looking for but can’t find on our website, send us an email and let us know what that is. We will do our best to provide everything that is important to you and also relevant to the theme of this website, creating sexy spiritual relationships.

Third, we do believe our content goes very deep and is comprehensive covering almost everything that we have discovered to be of significance in helping couples be happy growing old together. We will continue to add new content and build the site over the months and years to come.

We have some great things already in the works to surprise you with following our initial launch of the site. Right now we have a complete Kama Sutra home study course available, and will be releasing the complete Tantra home study course sometime this fall, probably in September. Look for our Tantra home study course launch event at that time.

In order to avoid overload, we will introduce the curriculum to our members sequenced over the weeks and months to come, a little bit at a time. This sequence is designed to take you step by step up the ladder of relationship happiness. What comes later, requires the pre-requisites of the lessons that have preceded it. If you are enrolled for at least one year, the archived material you can access will go very deep and will be more than the average person could possibly use, at least all at once.

You could sabotage your ultimate progress by trying to jump ahead too rapidly, or acquiring too much information too soon. First you build a firm learning foundation, then you expand up and out with additional lessons.  First you walk, then you run, and eventually you fly. Remember that your knowledge will almost certainly exceed your skill for the early months of your membership. Much of our curriculum is experiential, requiring you to practice what you are learning in order to develop skill. As your skill catches up with your knowledge, your progress will become much more rapid, irresistible and irreversible.

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 5

Perhaps someone else could help us better than you can?

There are many excellent teachers, coaches and guides around Planet Earth, and with the Internet it is relatively easy to find them. By all means shop around to see who else is out there. We have looked at this closely when we started developing the curriculum for this membership website, and frankly, we know of nothing else by any other teachers that come even close to what you will find at our website. Some can do and some can teach; we are blessed to be able to do and to teach. Don’t underestimate the importance of good teaching skills when searching for someone to guide you.

The sequence of material you will be introduced to each month is very powerful and very dynamic. It is designed to appeal to all learning styles, including text (reading), audio (listening), video (watching), and live interaction (chat, forums and teleseminars).

The contents are directed to all levels of your being including body, mind, heart, and soul. We help you learn to become master lovers (great sex techniques based upon the classic Kama Sutra), to re-connect sex and spirit (sacred sex practices from Tantric and Taoist traditions), and to undertake a spiritual quest together leading all the way to enlightenment if you want to take it that far–we call this section Enlightenment for Two(TM). All of this from the comfort of your own home!

Al experienced enlightenment in January 2008, the culmination of almost 40 years of spiritual quest, and transmitted it into Pala within minutes. We will act as your spiritual guides in your search for the highest direct experience of pure consciousness–the absolute ground of all being. We teach based upon having been there, not just based upon theoretical knowledge learned from reading books others have written.

Our curriculum is original, authentic, and effective.

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 4

I doubt if you can do what you say; that you can really help us create a relationship that satisfies through and through and lasts a lifetime together.

When undertaking a new learning journey, doubting yourself is normal, but your risk is very small to find out how much and how effectively we can help you create a happy fulfilling relationship.

Our reputation on the Internet is well and long established, dating back to 1997 when we first started working with couples. We have saved many a marriage. We have helped hundreds of couples learn to create love and to be happy together. Read some of the testimonials from those who we have already worked with to see what they say.

These are all real people, ordinary people, people just like yourselves. If they can do it, so can you. We can help you learn what you need to learn to do it.

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 3

I’m not confident that I will be able to understand your material and apply it to my relationship.

Absolutely you will be able to understand the material and apply it in your relationship. Furthermore, you will have lots of fun learning the things we teach. We go to great lengths to make sure the material is easily understandable and applied. Everything is broken down into small steps, so you take one  step at a time, at your own speed. Chew on it, digest it, and only when you are ready do you take the next step. This curriculum is presented in a sequence suitable for the busiest people. We start you at the beginning and you progress from where you are along a learning path completely suitable to both of you. It is designed to appeal to all learning styles, including text (reading), audio (listening), video (watching), and live interaction (chat, forums and teleseminars).The contents are directed to all levels of your being including body, mind, heart, and soul.

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 2

I don’t have time to make use of the material.

We all have the same 24 hours each day. Our only freedom in time is how to use it. It is said, "if you want something done, give it to a busy person to do." The time required to use the membership site is perhaps 20-30 minutes per day, less time than you spend watching a TV sit com or the evening news. Remember, "I don’t have time for something" is really saying "It does not matter to me; it is not really important to me." Think about what is important to you. If your relationship is one of those things, you must spend time on it in order to make it thrive.

Al and Pala


 Does this sound like you? Scenario 2 – Bad Love

Your relationship has become stale and the passion has gone out of it. You find yourself doubting your commitment to stay together.

The relationship has become hard work and the benefits are few and far between. You have lost touch with your love and wonder if your partner still loves you. The sex has become repetitive, predictable and boring, or even worse, painful and embarrassing. In fact it is rapidly dwindling to no sex at all–and a part of you is actually relieved at that! When you do have sex it is fast sex (10-15 minutes start to finish) with little or no emotional connection and devoid of spiritual value.

You are both so busy with the many demands of your busy lives that you can’t remember the last time you spent 4 hours or more just paying attention to each other as lovers. Everything else has become more important than your relationship, including the kids, work, and shamefully, even watching television! You may also be dealing with some serious health challenges, but you know that you are too young for that to be happening already. By the end of a busy day, you both drop exhausted into bed and hope the other one will just go to sleep and not expect any sexual performance because you simply have nothing left to give them except frustration and disappointment.

Possibly one or both of you have already had an affair. You wonder about the dangers of STDs and if your partner has been careful, or you are feeling guilty knowing that you have not been so careful.

You realize that unprotected sex means that you are sleeping with everyone your partner has ever slept with, and you have no idea of who are how many that may have been. Nevertheless, you feel somewhat powerless to resist the temptation of an affair because it offers a bit of quick excitement, pleasure and comes with none of the emotional, psychological and spiritual baggage attached to your marriage (or relationship with your current partner).

You are feeling overwhelmed, unattractive, and unlovable, at the breaking point with frustration, alienation, isolation and loneliness. You are feeling angry most of the time, about everything, and about nothing at all. You are constantly judging your partner for all the faults you perceive them to have–but even knowing this is mostly just projection from yourself onto them and that it is unfair to them, you can’t seem to help yourself.

You are arguing frequently, and the personal attacks during your arguments are escalating. You are feeling more and more powerless to turn things around and do not know where to begin. You are becoming numb to your feelings, feeling less and less, other than the anger, and find yourself wondering if you will ever again feel excited, aroused and sexually turned on by your life partner. You are becoming desperate to find something to help you try to turn this around before it is to late.

Could the best of your life already be over? NO! Definitely not!

You can turn this around. That is what we can help you do with a membership at Sexy Spiritual Relationships.

all good things,

Al and Pala


Sexy Spiritual Relationships Membership Website FAQs – 1

I want to become part of a dynamic interactive learning community.

Certainly; that is exactly what we are creating with this rich multi-media curriculum, including many live and interactive features. Using our chat options you can meet with and talk live, including cam video chat, with other members to share ideas and find answers to each other’s questions. You can even find partners with whom you can try the various methods we are suggesting in case you do not already have a partner, or if you are a couple wanting to meet and interact with other couples.  In our forums, you will be able to find answers to every conceivable question about romance, relationships, sex, sacred sex, and spiritual practice. As the membership grows, and as more and more featured experts join the community, the depth of information available will expand dramatically.

Al and Pala

PS: if you want to get on our mailing list so you don’t miss any announcements go to http://www.tantra-sex.com/ At the top right corner you can subscribe to the Sexy Spiritual Relationships Pre-Launch newsletter.

Does this sound like you?

Sexy Spiritual Relationships: Scenario 3 – Spiritual Quest

"Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can
I be."  Our Inward Journey by Karen Ravn
Life is good, but however good that is (even really, really, really good), you still know inside "This can’t be all there is. There has to be more." Not more fame and fortune. Not more money, sex and power. Not more success, accomplishment, recognition and status. As wonderful as these things are they can’t fill that need you feel gnawing away at you from a place deep inside yourself. The longing you feel is a spiritual hunger.

You know you have a mind and that you think, but you are not your thoughts, not your mind. You have a body. Pleasure and sex are good, but you are not your body. You feel love, but you are not your feelings. You have a personality, but you are not your personality. You are not your beliefs, assumptions, perception, feelings or thoughts. You are not the roles you play in life: man, woman, child, adult, son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife, citizen, teacher, guru, boss, employee, leader, follower, artist, super star, famous person, powerful person, powerless person, poor person, rich person, beautiful person, popular person, outcast, sick, healthy, smart, ignorant, educated, uneducated, etc.

None of these things can account for your true self; none of these things can contain your true self. Your essence is not limited to any or even to all of this. If all of these things are taken away, and they will be taken away–nothing in this world lasts and no one gets out of life alive; if all of that vanishes, what is left of you? You ask yourself: "Where am I in all of this?"

This is a pivotal point in your life. Once you open this door, there is no turning back. You are now asking the big questions, the fundamental questions:

*   Who am I?
*   What is ego?
*   What is the soul?
*   Why am I here?
*   What is my purpose in life?
*   Why do I do anything?
*   What ultimately matters to me?
*   How can I make a true and lasting contribution to the world?
*   What does it mean to follow my bliss?
*   Where did I come from?
*   Where do I return?
*   What is death?
*   What comes after death?
*   What is peace of mind that passeth all understanding?
*   Is happiness possible?
*   What is good?
*   What is love?
*   What is holy?
*   What is real?
*   What is evil?
*   Is there a solution to fear, pain and suffering in the world?
*   Is there greatness in me?
*   What is destiny?
*   What is fate?
*   What is karma?
*   What is character? Am I a person of character?
*   What are good and bad decisions and choices?
*   How can I be all that I was meant to be?
*   What are my rights and responsibilities and freedoms in this
body, in this world, in this lifetime?
*   How do I reclaim my freedom?
*   What is surrender–surrender to what, surrender to whom?
*   Is anything absolute?
*   What is God?
*   What is illumination, liberation, realization, awakening,
nirvana, Samadhi, moksha, enlightenment?
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
Author unknown
You are not alone. Open the door. Enter. Others are waiting patiently to lend a helping hand. Jump into the abyss. Take out a membership and begin or continue your spiritual quest.

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and he pushed,
and they flew.
(Christopher Logue – English Poet 1926-)

all good things,
Al and Pala

Does this sound like you?

Scenario 1 – New Love

Your relationship is meaningful and rich. You are in love. You have good sex, communicate well and are in touch with your feelings. You are beginning to follow some spiritual path and are serious about personal growth. You want to become all you can be; the acorn is ready to become a full bloom oak tree, beautiful and glorious. You plan to grow old together. But, you have a nagging suspicion that this goodness can’t last. The passion will cool, the love will fade and you will start taking each other for granted.

You are both already stretched to the limit with the many demands of your busy lives including children (perhaps a child is on the way or you already have one or several young ones), family and work responsibilities. You love all of these things, but there just is not enough time to do everything that you want to do and that needs doing. Money is tight and a source of stress between you, one of the few things you disagree about and even occasionally argue about–but the arguments are quite civilized, and you usually make love afterwards and that is wonderful as usual.

You are already thinking about getting older, and the many different choices you could have made about what to do with your life, and who you could have done them with. You have a few minor health challenges, nothing major or serious, just annoying. Many of your friends are already divorced, and they seem to be having the time of their lives, running around free and easy–although secretly you wonder if they are really as happy as they let on, while some of them are openly hostile, angry and unhappy with themselves and their lives.

You are determined to do better, to do it right, to make your relationship last, nay, to make it thrive, to be really happy and fulfilled with each other. You realize that you need to learn some new knowledge and skill about relationship happiness, not to mention a healthy mature sexuality. You are reading some books on these subjects. You have heard about Tantra and the Kama Sutra, and you are curious, but a bit shy about it all. You want to be a great lover, not just average. You really want to do it for each other, to make the earth tremble and shake when you come together.

You want to give your children everything, the best chance possible to become happy and successful. You believe that one of the most important things you can do for your children is to model a happy relationship in which both of you are sexually fulfilled and spiritually growing. Taking time for each other; openly showing affection; allowing your children to know that you are sexually active and sexually fulfilled, is an important and essential aspect of helping them to learn how to create the same for themselves as they mature into young adults.

You know that the best of your life is yet to come and you are prepared to work toward learning on a path of personal, professional and spiritual growth. You want to undertake this learning journey with your partner. Enlightenment for Two(TM) sounds intriguing indeed. You want to learn primarily from the comfort of your own home from teachers and mentors you can trust; people who have a track record of successfully helping others learn to be all they can be. You are looking for a multi-media curriculum including a balance between sexuality, sacred sexuality, and spirituality.

You want the presentation to be mature, adult, tasteful, respectful and explicit without being sleazy. You want video in addition to audio and text materials. You want the material sequenced over a period of time that fits with your busy demanding schedule, so you will not get frustrated, drop behind and quit prematurely. You want a curriculum that balances body, mind, heart and soul. You want a curriculum that makes it possible to apply what you learn immediately to see some quick results, but you want to be able to go on learning for the rest of your life.

You have come to the right place—Sexy Spiritual Relationships membership website. The best is yet to come. This website presents all that you could need or want to accomplish all of these things that are so important in your lives together.

all good things,
Al and Pala

Buddhism And Inner Sound Meditation

"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." — Dadu

Extracts from "The Tibetan Book of the Dead", "The Surangama Sutra", "A Buddhist Bible", "My Experience in Meditation" by Tai Hsu, and "The Sound of Silence" by Ajahn Sumedho

"The Shabd is the basis of all true religions, for religion means ‘that which connects us with the Lord’. All forces of nature are sustained by the Shabd. The Life Force is also its manifestation, even though it is working in the regions of maya. Like electricity, Shabd, whether manifest or unmanifest, pervades everywhere. It is all-powerful and is the Creator of all. In the scriptures of all religions, Shabd is recognized as the Creator of the universe." ("Philosophy of the Masters", abridged edition) 

 Ajahn Sumedho, a bhikkhu of the Theravada school of Buddhism, from, "The Sound of Silence": As you calm down, you can experience the sound of silence in the mind. You hear it as a kind of high frequency sound, a ringing sound that’s always there. It is just normally never noticed. Now when you begin to hear that sound of silence, it’s a sign of emptiness – of silence of the mind. It’s something you can always turn to. As you concentrate on it and turn to it, it can make you quite peaceful and blissful. Meditating on that, you have a way of letting the conditions of the mind cease without suppressing them with another condition. Otherwise you just end up putting one condition over another.

"A Buddhist Bible," Surangama Sutra: Avalokiteshvara Buddha (Quan Yin), the hearer and answerer of prayer, has visited all the Buddha-lands of the ten quarters of the universe and has acquired transcendental powers of boundless freedom and fearlessness and has vowed to emancipate all sentient beings from their bondage and suffering.   How sweetly mysterious is the Transcendental Sound of Avalokiteshvara! Is is the subdued murmur of the seatide setting inward. Its mysterious Sound brings liberation and peace to all sentient beings who in their distress are calling for aid.

Absence of sound is not the end of hearing,
And sound when present is not its beginning.
The faculty of hearing, beyond creation
And annihilation, truly is permanent.
Even when isolated thoughts in a dream arise,
Though the thinking process stops, hearing does not end,
for the faculty of hearing is beyond
All thought, beyond both mind and body…..

Ananda and all you who listen here
Should inward turn your faculty
Of hearing to hear your own nature
Which alone achieves Supreme Bodhi.
That is how enlightenment is won.
Buddhas as many as the Ganges’ sand
Entered this one gateway to Nirvana.

(The Surangama Sutra: Selections from the Upasaka Lu K’uan Yu Translation, Published by Rider and Company, London)

As you calm down, you can experience the Sound of Silence in the mind. You hear it as a kind of high frequency Sound, a ringing Sound that’s always there. It is just normally never noticed. Now when you begin to hear that Sound of Silence, it’s a sign of emptiness — of silence of the mind. It’s something you can always turn to. As you concentrate on it and turn to it, it can make you quite peaceful and blissful. Meditating on that, you have a way of letting the conditions of the mind cease without suppressing them with another condition. Otherwise you just end up putting one condition over another. This process of putting one condition on top of another is what is meant by making ‘kamma’. For example, if you’re feeling angry, then you start thinking of something else to get away from the anger. You don’t like what is going on over here, so you look over there, you just run away. But if you have a way of turning from conditioned phenomena to the unconditioned, then there is no kind of kamma being made, and the conditioned habits can fade away and cease. It’s like a ‘safety hatch’ in the mind, the way out, so your kammic formations, "sankharas", have an exit, a way of flowing away instead of recreating themselves. One problem with meditation is that many people find it boring. People get bored with emptiness. They want to fill up emptiness with something. So recognize that even when the mind is quite empty, the desires and habits are still there, and they will come and want to do something interesting. You have to be patient, willing to turn away from boredom and from the desire to do something interesting and be content with the emptiness of the Sound of Silence………………

You can turn to the emptiness of the mind– to the sound of silence. This gives the conditions like anger a way out to cessation; you let it go away. (The Sound Of Silence — by Ajahn Sumedho: http://www.4ui.com/eart/188eart1.htm )

In practice I’ve used the listening faculty. I listen. When I listen, I listen to myself, and I listen to the sounds that impinge on my ears: the sounds within and the sounds without. This attentive listening is very supportive to intuitive awareness. So I listen to the rain, I listen to the silence. When I listen to the silence, I listen to the Sound of Silence. (Sumedho)

There is a Chinese sutra in which the Buddha asked all the bodhisattvas their method for realizing enlightenment. Each one described a specific meditation practice. Avalokiteshvara described meditation on hearing. She said she starts her meditation by listening to the sound of the roar of the sea. Then she takes that Sound and turns it inward. She returns the hearing to listen to the ear organ. By doing this she realizes the true way. Some years ago Ajahn Sumedho was teaching a retreat at a Chinese monastery in California. For years the people at this monastery were puzzling over this phrase, "returning the hearing to listen to the ear organ." They couldn’t figure out what that meant. Now, Ajahn Sumedho had been teaching a meditation on the Sound of Silence, the Nada Sound. Suddenly the people at the monastery realized this must be what he was teaching, this active inner listening. Listening to the inner sound brings the heart into a position of acute inner awareness. It is not that the inner sound has some magical property. Rather, it is that bringing of the alert mind, bringing openness and receptivity to Sound, is symbolic of the presence of ultimate truth. The Sound is always there. We don’t have to create it. It is featureless. It is ever present. So it is a good symbol for Ultimate Reality itself. In the sutra the Buddha praised this method, the meditation on listening, as the best method for enlightenment. Ajahn Sumedho had been teaching the meditation on the Nada Sound for some years so he was tickled by this connection to another Buddhist tradition. He hadn’t realized that there had been so much emphasis on this in traditional Buddhist meditation practices. (Ajahn Amaro: http://nyimc.org/articles/thinking.htm )

Sustain your attention on that emptiness at the end and see how long you can hold your attention on it. See if you can hear a kind of ringing Sound in the mind, the Sound of Silence, the Primordial Sound. When you concentrate your attention on that, you can reflect: ‘Is there any sense of self?’ You see that when you’re really empty — when there’s just clarity, alertness and attention — there’s no self. There’s no sense of me and mine. So, I go to that empty state and I contemplate Dhamma: I think, ‘This is just as it is. This body here is just this way.’ I can give it a name or not but right now, it’s just this way. (Ajahn Sumedho: http://www.glbvihara.org/teaching8.htm )

Extracts from "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" (Bardo Thodol), edited by Dr. W. Y. Evans-Wentz (London, 1957):

O nobly-born, when thy body and mind were separating, thou must have experienced a glimpse of the Pure Truth, subtle, sparkling, bright, dazzling, glorious, and radiantly awesome, in appearance like a mirage moving across a landscape in springtime in one continuous stream of vibrations. Be not daunted thereby, nor terrified, nor awed. That is the radiance of thine own true nature. Recognize it.

From the midst of that radiance, the natural sound of Reality, reverberating like a thousand thunders simultaneously sounding, will come. That is the natural sound of thine own real self. Be not daunted thereby, nor terrified, nor awed.

O nobly-born, five-colored radiances . . . vibrating and dazzling like colored threads, flashing, radiant, and transparent, glorious and awe-inspiring, will . . . strike against thy heart, so bright that the eye cannot bear to look upon them.

. . . Be not afraid of that brilliant radiance of five colors, nor terrified; but know that Wisdom to be thine own.

Within those radiances, the natural sound of the Truth will reverberate like a thousand thunders. The sound will come with a rolling reverberation.

Fear not. Flee not. Be not terrified. Know them (i.e., these sounds) to be (of) . . thine own inner light.

Extracts from "My Experience in Meditation" by His Holiness The Venerable Tai Hsu (Chinese Buddhist monk), translated by Bhikku Assaji:

. . . From this time I discontinued my old routine of meditation; this was from 1908 to 1914. When the European War broke out, I began to doubt Western theory and my own power to save the world with Buddhist teaching. I felt it was a sheer waste of time, if I did any more of what I had done. So I went to "Po-To" island, where I secluded myself in a monastery to develop further spiritual advancement.

After two or three months of seclusion, one night when I was meditating, my mind became calmer, I heard the sound of a bell from a neighboring temple. It seems that my chain of thoughts was broken by that sound and I sank into a state of something like a trance, without knowing anything until early next dawn, when I heard the sound of the matin bell and I regained my sense of knowing. At first, I only felt that a light melted into me. There was no distinction of self and other things and of what was inside and what was outside.

After this experience, I continued my life of reading sutras, writing books and meditating, for about one year, and after that one year, I chiefly engaged myself in studying the books of the Vijnana School. I especially paid attention to the Records on Wei Shi (Vijnana). Here I once more experienced another trance-like state. I was reading for several times repeatedly a certain paragraph of the said Records, explaining that both conditional things and the Truth are devoid of the substance of Self. I entered the trance-like meditation. This time it was different from the former two; I perceived in it that all things which exist on conditions had their deep and subtle order, minutely arranged without the slightest confusion.

This kind of comprehension I can produce now whenever I desire.

The third experience showed me the truth of cause and effect, which appear to be so on account of our consciousness. It is true, the law of cause and effect has its natural way without disorder.

After each of these three experiences, there was some change physically and mentally, and I also happened to have some presage of divyachaksus (clarvoyance), divya-srota (clairaudience) and parachitta-jnana (thought reading).

If the six supernatural powers are possible, then the theory of Karma and Rebirth, which is based on the demonstration of clairvoyance and purvanivasan Usmritijnana (knowledge of all former existences of self and others) is also believable.

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Nurse Writes Book On Near-Death Experiences


Penny Sartori said some people recalled meeting dead relatives.
An intensive care nurse from Swansea has published an academic book about near death experiences following 10 years of research.

Penny Sartori, who works at Singleton and Morriston Hospitals in Swansea, has 15 accounts, mainly from heart attack patients, of near-death experiences.

They include out-of-body occurrences, reports of a tunnel leading to a bright light and meeting dead loved ones.

The book, costing £85, is intended for academic study and college libraries.

Ms Sartori decided to launch her formal study in 1998 after working closely with critically-ill patients throughout the 1990s and discovering there was very little reference data available for nurses and other healthcare workers.

She spent five years compiling the study, three years writing it up and two years preparing it for publication. The book is called Near Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients, a Five Year Clinical Study.

She found that people who went through out-of-body experiences floated above themselves and were able to accurately recount what had happened in the room even though they were unconscious and their eyes were closed.

"People also reported travelling down a tunnel towards a bright light," she said.

"Some reported meeting a figure who told them their time had not yet come, and others said they met dead relatives and communicated with them by telepathy."

"Some patients reported having their entire lives flash by them in an instant." (Penny Sartori )

In another case a patient reported encountering a dead relative who gave a message to pass on to another member of the family who was still alive.

Ms Sartori said the information had stunned the receiver because it had been a secret and it was impossible the patient had prior knowledge of it.

Near-death experiences were typically often explained away as the effect of endorphins, abnormal blood gases or low oxygen levels, she said.

However, the study measured these and took them into account when researching the patients’ reports.

"All the current sceptical arguments against near-death experiences were not supported by the research," she said.

In one case a critically-ill patient, who also had cerebral palsy, awoke from a near-death experience able to use his right arm normally, even though it had been bent and contracted since birth.

"It shouldn’t have been possible without an operation to release his tendons, but he could open his arm freely," said Ms Sartori.

Some patients reported floating back into their bodies after nearly dying, and for others it was a sudden snap back.

"Some patients reported having their entire lives flash by them in an instant," she said.

Private theory

While she found 15 patients reporting near-death experiences, Ms Sartori believes it could be more common but that some patients’ ability to recall the event fails shortly after they pass the critical episode and regain consciousness, like a dreamer forgets a dream.

She now intends to continue her research into the phenomenon and is developing a private theory, not included in her book, about what could be happening to these patients.

"I don’t think it’s quite as simple as life after death," she said.

"It’s what consciousness is and how we define it. We are entering an exciting time researching consciousness.

"Current science says it is a by-product of the brain. But it may be that consciousness is around us and the brain might be a mediator, an antenna, instead of controlling consciousness.

"It is a fascinating subject and I’m looking forward to continuing my research," she added.

Positive Radio Connections

Where Positive People and Radio Unite! June 2008

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Author: Hari Karam

Upanishads And Sant Mat Meditation

The Inner Light and Sound of God

"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." — Dadu
Upanishads & Santmat – I

– Hymns from Yogashikhopanishad (Krishna Yajurveda), Chapter 6 excerpted from the book “Satsang Yoga – Part I” by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj (28.04.1885 – 08.06.1986)

-Translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh

“Ekottaram Naadishatam taasaam madhye paraa smritaa |
Sushumnaa tu pare leenaa virajaa brahmaroopinee ||”

[There are 101 (important) nerves (nerve currents) out of which the Sushumnaa/Sushumna is the most important. Sushumnaa lies beyond, is devoid of ‘raja/rajas’ -one of the three qualities- thus being predominantly ‘sat’ (the best of three qualities which makes a person inclined towards spirituality, a virtuous, pious way of life), and is the form of Brahma.]

“Idaa tishthati waamen pingalaa dakshinen tu |
Tayormadhye param sthaanam yastadveda sa vedavit ||”
[Idaa/Ida is located to the left (towards the left eye) and Pingalaa/Pingala to the right (right eye). He who knows the magnificent place or Point located in the centre of these two (i.e. the Sushumnaa) knows the Vedas.]

“Anaahatasya shabdasya tasya shabdasya yo dhwanih |
Dhwanerantargatam jyotirjyotishoantargatah manah ||”

[There is ‘anaahat sound’ (primeval quintessential unstruck sound) inside – the sound that emanates from it is illuminated, i.e. consists of light within it. The mind (through meditation) is made to immerse or be absorbed in that light.]

“Kechidwadanti chaadhaaram sushumnaa cha Saraswati”

[Aadhaar (base) is called by some as Sushumnaa and (also) Saraswati.]

“Aadhaarchakramahasaa vidyutpunjasamaprabhaa |

Tadaa muktirna sandeho yadi tushtah swayam guruh ||”

[There is no doubt that by perceiving the light in the Aadhaar Chakra (Sushumna) which is full of light as bright as the beam of lightning, liberation is effected provided Guru is pleased.]

“Vaamadakshe nirundhanti pravishanti sushumnayaa |

Brahmarandhram pravishyaantaste yaanti paramaam gatim ||”

[(Those who) enter into the Sushumnaa having blocked left (idaa) and right (pingalaa), attain liberation entering into the Brahmarandhra (gateway of Brahma).]

“Sushumnaayaam praveshen chandrasooryau laye gatau ||”

[On entering into Sushumnaa moon and sun (in literature idaa and pingalaa have also been referred to moon (representing ‘tamas’) and the sun (representing ‘rajas’) respectively – English Translator) are lost.]

“Sushumnaayaam yadaa yogee kshanaikamapi tishthati |

Sushumnaayaam yadaa yogee kshanaardhamapi tishthati ||
Sushumunaayaam yadaa yogee sulagno lavanaambuvat |
Sushumnaayaam yadaa yogee leeyate ksheerneervat |
Bhidyate cha tadaa granthishchhidyante sarvasanshayaah |
Ksheeyante paramaakaashe te yaanti paramaam gatim ||”

[If the Yogi stays in Sushumnaa even for a kshana (unit of measurement of time which is equivalent to a very small fraction of second – English Translator)…if the yogi stays in the Sushumnaa for even half a kshana … when the yogi is absorbed in Sushumnaa as salt in water … and when the yogi gets immersed in Sushumnaa like a mixture of milk and water, then his knot gets broken, all his doubts get demolished and he attains to Supreme State merging into the Highest sky.]

“Gangaayaam saagare snaatvaa natvaa cha Manikarnikaam |
Madhyanaadeevichaarasya kalaam naarhanti shodasheem ||”

[The benefits that accrue out of paying obeisance to Manikarnikaa after having a bath in Gangasagar are not equal to even one-sixteenth of the benefits resulting from meditation in the central nerve-current (Sushumnaa).]

“Ashwamedhasahasraani vaajapeyashataani cha |
Sushumnaa dhyaanayogasya kalaam naarhanti shodasheem ||”

[(Merits of) Thousands of Ashwamedha Yajna and hundreds of Vaajapeya Yajna together can not sum up to even one-sixteenth of meditation in Sushumnaa.]

“Sushumnaayaam sadaa goshteem yah kashchitkurute narah |
Sa mukteh sarvapaapebhyo nihshreyasamwaapnuyaat ||”

[He who always attends meetings in Sushumnaa gets absolved of all sins and is blessed with true benediction or welfare.]

“Sushumnaiva param teertham sushumnaiva paro japah |
Sushumnaiva param dhyaanam sushumnaiva paraa gatih ||”

[Sushumnaa itself is the prime place of pilgrimage. Sushumnaa itself is the principal chanting. Sushumnaa itself is the main meditation. Sushumnaa itself is the high state or fortune.]

“Aneka yajnadaanaani vrataani niyamaastathaa |
Sushumnaadhyaanaleshasya kalaam naarhanti shodasheem ||”

[Numerous yajna, daana (donations or alms), vrata (meritorious acts of devotion such as penance, vow etc.) and niyam (observing set of rules) can not add up to one-sixteenth of Sushumna – Dhyana.]

“Sadaa naadaanusandhaanaatsanksheenaa waasanaa bhavet |
Niranjane vileeyet marunmanasi padmaj ||”

[Regular practice of Meditation on Divine Sound leads to destruction of passions or intense desires. O Brahmaa! Then the vital life current merges into God.]

“Karnadhaaram gurum praapya tadvaakyam plavavadridham |
abhyaasavaasanaashaktyaa taranti bhavasaagaram ||”

[People cross the ocean of existence with diligence holding the Guru to be the adept boatman (who steers the boat) and his counsels as the strong boat.]

Upanishads & Santmat – II

– Hymns from Naadabindoopanishad (Rigveda) excerpted from the book “Satsang Yoga – Part I” by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj (28.04.1885 – 08.06.1986)

-Translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh


While defining Santmat Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj, one of the greatest ever exponents of Santmat, says (in his exquisite book “Mehi Padavali”):

The urge or impetus to acquire ‘shaanti’ (tranquility or stillness of mind) is so natural to human heart. Inspired by the same urge, the ‘rishis’ or sages (who are said to have visualised the mantras – which were later compiled in the form of Vedas & Upanishads – during their meditation) in ancient times, made all-out attempts in search of ‘shaanti’ and described the ideas or ways to obtain it (‘shaanti’) in Upanishads for the beneficence of common people. Sants such as Kabir Sahab, Guru Nanak Sahab, etc. also expounded thoughts or ideas resembling or identical to these (ideas expressed in the Upanishads) in their local languages such as Bhaaratee (Hindi), Punjabi, etc. These very ideas or thoughts are termed as ‘Santmat’. However, the sacred verses of the Upanishads particularly have to be acknowledged to be the basic foundation or the bedrock of Santmat, for the highest knowledge or wisdom and the precise principal means to attain that wisdom namely, the ’naadanusandhaan’ or ’surat shabd yoga’ (the subtler and the subtlest meditation of Santmat, in which the practitioner meditates upon the Divine Sound/Vibration that springs directly from the God), in which Santmat takes so much of pride have been dazzling brilliantly upon this very terra firma since times immemorial.

“Brahmapranava sandhaanam naado jyotirmayah shivah |
Swayamaavirbhavedaatmaa meghaapaayenshumaaniva ||30||”

[Through practice of Pranava-Brahma Yoga (Naadaanusandhaan Yoga or Meditation on the Divine Sound Current) that naada/nada (sound) becomes manifest which is illuminated and benevolent. As the Sun glitters in its full glory after scattering away of clouds, the soul also is self-illuminated]

“Siddhaasane sthito yogee mudraam sandhaay vaishnaveem |
Shrinuyaaddakshine karne naadamantargatam sadaa |31|||”
[Having seated firmly in Siddhaasana, a yogi or practitioner should, adopting Vaishnavee Mudraa (having fixed sight at the Ajnaa Chakra), try to listen to the inner sound through the right ear.]

“Abhyasyamaano naadoayam baahyamaavrinute dhwanih |
Pakshaadvipakshamakhilam jitvaa turyapadam vrajet ||32||

[Practicing meditation on Divine Sound turns one deaf to the external sounds or the sounds of the outer world (what is implied here is that during this meditation when the attention is fully focused on listening to the inner sound currents, the current of consciousness is withdrawn from the hearing organ i.e. ears, or for that matter all other sense organs, and thus sounds of the outer world can not be heard). Conquering all the impediments one enters into the Turiya/Tureeya (the state of pure consciousness) within a fortnight.]

“Shrooyate prathamaabhyaase naado naanaavidho mahaan |
Wardhamaane tathaabhyaase shrooyate sookshmasookshmatah ||33||”

[In the beginning of the meditation (on sound) grosser sounds are heard. With maturity of practice the sounds heard tend to be increasingly finer and finer.]

“Aadau jaladhi jeemut bheree nirjhar sambhavah |
Madhye mardal shabdaabho ghantaa kaahalajastathaa ||34||”

[In the beginning (stages of meditation) sounds perceived resemble those of a (roaring) sea, (thundering) clouds, war drum/ trumpet and (gurgling) waterfalls while in the middle stage (they appear to) resemble sounds of mardal (a sort of drum), gong and singha (a type of trumpet).]

“Ante tu kinkinee vansh veenaa bhramar nihswanah |
Iti naanaavidhaa naadaah shrooyante sookshmasookshmatah ||35||”

[In the final stages (the practitioner hear) the sounds of kinkinee/ majeeraa (cymbal), flute, lute and buzzing of bees. Thus he gets to listen to finer and finer tunes.]

“Mahati shrooyamaane tu mahaabheyaardikadhwanau |
Tatra sookshmam sookshmataram naadameva paraamrishet ||36||”

[When (the practitioner) reaches unto that place where the sound of large trumpet is heard, he should try to perceive the more and more subtle (or minute) sounds.]

“Ghanamutsrijya waa sookshme sooksmamutsrijya vaa ghane |
Ramamaanamapi kshiptam mano naanyatra chaalayet |37|||”

[(The practitioner) may shift his attention from subtler to heavier (coarser or grosser) sounds or vice versa (from coarser to finer sounds), but he should not divert his attention in any other direction.]

“Yatra kutraapi waa naade lagati prathmam manah |
Tatra tatra sthireebhootvaa ten saardham vileeyate ||38||”

[Stilling one’s attention on any one of the sounds he becomes established there and is absorbed in that (sound) only.]

“Vismritya sakalam baahyam naade dugdhaambuvanmanah |
ekeebhooyaath sahasaa chidaakaashe vileeyate ||39||”

[Becoming completely forgetful or unaware of the outer emotions he gets dissolved in that (sound, or listening to that sound) like (a solution of) milk and water and, thus, is immersed in the chidaakaash (conscious sky).]

“Udaasenastato bhootvaa sadaabhyaasen sanyamee |
Unmaneekaarakam sadyo naadamevaavadhaarayet ||40||”

[Making himself disenchanted, detached or disinterested or withdrawn from the sensory objects the Yogi should still his attention upon the (inner) sound through regular practice keeping the defilements of the mind well under control.]

“Sarvachintaam samutsrijya sarvacheshtaa vivarjitah |
Naadamevaanusandadhyaannaade chittam vileeyate ||41||”

[Abandoning all external worries and (worldly) efforts, a Yogi should dissolve his chitta into the inner divine sound, meditating upon it.]