“Run Away And Hide” Video Completed

Hello everyone,

Yes, it has been a little while since I actually made a real blog post.  But, alot of productiveness has been going on here.

First, I want to say that the music video for the song "Run Away and Hide" is officially completed and edited!  Alisa Lawton (director of the video)  submitted the finished version for my and the DOP’s approval via email and I will be sending it to the makeup artist to get her ok.  Once it’s approved by all parties involved it will be presented to all you lovely people out there and will be appearing on various music tv and interent shows.  We will keep you posted on all that.

With the "Run Away and Hide" video completed, we are beginning work on a new video.  This one is for the song "Ghost (Persephone’s NetherRealm Remix)."  We will be working on this video with One Eyed View Studios in Massillion, OH.  We are in pre production working on the video’s synopsis and (with all the fun Halloween stores opening up) shopping around for costume pieces (which also may end up in future shows) for the video.  We will be updating you as we progress.

I have also been at work writing for the second album.  Jason is preparing to record his solo album.  We do have a few rough demos completed and I am completing a song on my keyboard.  We do plan to incorporate these songs into the show once they are ready and I plan to begin the recording process for my second album in the beginning of 2009.  We are, however, in the process of recording "Three Pale Queens" with Bonfire Night which will appear on my second album and Bonfire Night’s debut album.

Speaking of recording, I am set to appear on two more compilation CDs.  One is a CD featuring female artists/female fronted bands from the Pittsburgh area entitled ‘La Femme Electrique.’  Some of the other bands on the CD include Ayris, Surviving the Odyssey, Una de Luna, and more.  The songs I have featured on this CD are ‘Warrior (Soldier for Myself)’ off of my ‘Poet’ album and an unreleased accapella track entitled ‘Lost Little Girl.’  Some of you who came out to my shows may be familiar with ‘Lost Little Girl’ as I have included it in my shows numerous times.  But this will be the first time you can have the song on a recording.  The other comp CD is the Catz n Claws CD put out by the British music magazine, Fireworks Magazine.  The song ‘Ghost (Persephone’s NetherRealm Remix)’ will be featured on this one.  There will also be a brief interview in Fireworks Magazine with all bands involved on the Catz n Claws comp CD.

Another magazine (this one based in Florida) will be featuring a wonderful review on my album "Poet" in their October issue.  This magazine is Twisted Dreams Magazine.  Here is a sneak preview of their review on my album:

"Think of a forest and a well-used trail, shafts of light here and there penetrating the oncoming gloom…Tiffany Apan has a unique voice…a very unique voice that she uses to catapult her music beyond what other contemporaries have done."~Andrea, Twisted Dreams Magazine (Oct 2008 issue)

To view the rest of the review (and read about other cool bands, writers,etc), get your hands on a copy of the October issue of Twisted Dreams Magzine!  Visit their myspace (in my top friends) for more details.

 We’ve also got some great reviews from Metal Maidens Magazine in The Netherlands and StreetVoice UK Music Magazine in the United Kingdom!

We were in New Jersey for Monster Mania 11 this passed weekend.  We shared a booth with Troma Entertainment and the weekend was success.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought a copy of the album.  Thanks to everyone who supported independant art through us and Troma!  We had the pleasure of sharing the table with indie filmmaker Pericles Lewnes (‘Redneck Zombies,’ ‘Loop’).  Jason also picked up the ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’ boxed set for when he makes the film he’s planning to make.  It does have alot of valuable info including how to learn from the mistakes of others.  We look forward to many more Monster Manias:)  Pictures will be posted soon.

Also, we have a photo shoot tomorrow with Odd from Surviving the Odyssey.  So there will be more promo pics soon.  Also, a new website is being worked on by our friend, Mark Kapsha.

Well, I think that about covers everything for now.

Have a nice weekend,


Vegging Out! The Vegan Transition

Thanks to reading the articles and posts of James Bean (Co-host with Chandi Devi of KarmaCaffe. com’s Spiritual Hour on Blog Talk Radio), Mike Adams of Natural News.com, Dr. Mercola of Mercola.com, the Global College of Natural Medicine, Hippocrates Health Institute and the support and encouragement of my girlfriend Christine, I have fully converted to a vegan lifestyle! Finally free of another thing I so desperately wanted to let go.

Interestingly enough, I tested the strength of my 173 pound body yesterday (Thurs. June 12th) after not consuming any eggs, milk or ANY meat watesoever; including fish for some time.

After two years without eating mammals, several months without weight-lifting, and one month without fish (salmon) I was pleased to be able to bench-press 225lbs at 6 repetitions and squat 315lbs at 9 reps for 1 set each.

I felt like I could have done much more but was very hungry and wanted to go home and eat following the 1 hour Kickboxing session I completed 5 minutes earlier!

I am feeling healthier and more alive than ever. I will keep you posted on how the vegan life is treating me. I don’t see any reason to backslide from this decision.  This is a monumental step in my goals to be the change…

From Om To Orgasm: Review The Tantra Primer For Living In Bliss

ISBN: 978143439606

Review By Hakeem Alexander

(Exercising Your Mind) I am infinitely grateful to have been honored with a copy of From Om to Orgasm autographed by the veritably masterful yet dearly humble authors Chandi Devi and J. Ram Siva. I believe this marks the first time I have ever read a 300 page tome three(3) consecutive times in a row ever eager to gain a more meaningful grasp of the Ancient Wisdom presented in this Modern Text.

From Om to Orgasm is an impeccably researched and referenced Scientific Document that simultaneously ignites a Spiritual fire within any being whether they be advanced practitioners or novices. I have been presented with a fabulous opportunity from the words and awakening provided by the passages within.

I invite anyone who mistakenly believes that Tantra is only about sex, to study these blessed pages to come to know the true union of Body and Soul that is infused throughout the teachings carefully laid out in this literary wonder entitled "From Om to Orgasm".

"From Om to Orgasm" by Chandi Devi and J. Ram Siva has not only been a primer, but will certainly serve as a constant reference in my personal growth and healing practice. From Om to Orgasm truly marks the mastery of the authors as teachers, for they have brought to clarity many apparently complex subjects I have longed to elucidate. This book dispels myths and misconceptions. More importantly, it inspires, uplifts and enlightens the reader in the most elegant fashion and as an eagerly page turning motivator.

From Om to Orgasm has been at once a promise fulfilled as my hunger for awareness and comprehension have been satiated, as well as an affirmation of many long-held intuitions of my own that are now firm beliefs in large part due to the support and encouragement found within the pages of this fantastic labor of light.

From Om to Orgasm is simply a great achievement of creative endeavor that brings the Science of Tantra into blissful understanding for those greenhorns seeking an introduction to the subject such as myself, and from the conversations I have had with the more adept, I am convinced that it would surely benefit them as a renewed source of motivation.

From Om to Orgasm is truly a remarkable gift that opens with the basics of "eastern philosophy" and Ancient Wisdom. It then integrates these time-tested and honored philosophies with J. Ram Siva’s and Chandi Devi’s modern perspective stemming from personal experience.

From Om to Orgasm has invigorated my Yoga Practice as well as revitalizing my Spiritual seeking and is destined to be a classic text to be revered and celebrated by many enthusiastic seekers and leaders alike. Right from the Preface to the Epilogue, From Om to Orgasm is at once calming and exciting as it is a road-map to full understanding with a climax that although quite satisfying, leaves you desiring and thirsting for more knowledge and guidance.

I am so truly thankful that my friends Chandi and J. Ram have shared this wonderful gift of union with me. I am in awe of your knowledge and have finally found in you someone I can call my Guru, Teacher, Master. 



Ram Dass & Dj Kriece “Cosmix” Review

Cosmix is a rhythmic, energizing album that merges timeless wisdom with modern sounds, chants, and world instruments. Ram Dass’ most relevant dialogue is mixed with moving, chilled back electronica perfect for yoga, meditation, or atmospheric entertainment. The music dominates without diminishing the power of Ram Dass’messages on tracks “Mantra,” “Stuck,” “The Game,” “Additya Hridayam,” and six others. The enhanced CD also contains a historic, heartwarming ten minute video excerpt from “The Last Dance,” Ram Dass’ final recorded conversation with his life-long friend, the late LSD guru, Timothy Leary, who encouraged Ram Dass to celebrate death as the next transitional stage on their journey. Ram Dass is a spiritual and cultural icon known for embracing and sharing Eastern teachings with the West. Famous for his lifelong friendship with the late LSD researcher Timothy Leary, Ram Dass’ path took him in another direction, to India where he embraced spiritual enlightenment with his guru Neem Karoli Baba. Inspired, he wrote the ground-breaking and noteworthy guidebook “Be Here Now,” over thirty years before Eckhart Tolle shared a similar message with the world.Offer respect for Ram Dass that he did not give up after his stroke; he has remained completely open to experience, and he is now embracing new technology and new music to reach more people than ever with his message… Ground-braking material, 5 stars, I HIGHLY recommend this album. AVAILABLE AT: Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and ANYWHERE else Cd’s or mp3 downloads are available.

– Mike

Numbers In Religions


12 Months

12 Astrological Houses

12 Astrological Signs

12 gods in the Brahman Zodiac

12 Tribes of Isreal founded by the 12 sons of Jacob

12 gods for the people of Greece

12 Princes of Ishmael

12 Disciples of Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, and Quetzalcoatl

12 Knights of King Authur

12 altars of St. James

12 divisions of Solomon’s temple

12 Knights of Himmler (Nazi SS)

12 Stars (crown of Isis/ Semriamis in Revelations)

12 Drottars’ (Odin)

12 Stars in a circle (European Union)

12 sides to all Diamonds and must be cut along these 12 axes

12 on a jury

12 in Board of Directors

12 inches in a foot


7 Days of Creation

7th Heaven

The 7 Churches

the 7 Thrones

The 7 Seals

The 7 Day March around the wall of Jericho

The 7 spirits of God sent forth into the Earth (Revelations)

7 days between each event for ‘The Flood’ story

On the 17th day of the 7th month the Ark rests.

On the 27th day, 7th Century, Noah leaves the ark.

The 7 spirits of the Egyptian’s

The 7 Angels of the Chaldeans

The 7 Devas of the Hindu’s

The 7 Sephiroth of the Hebrew Kabala

The 7 Archangels of Revelations


At age 40, Adam enters Paradise

40 years later, Eve follows

For the Flood, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights

At age 40, Seth was carried away by angels

Seth was not seen for 40 days

At age 40, Moses goes to Midian

My Awakening

This was just a diary entry. I am making it public cuz I feel strongly about it. I don’t mean to offend anyone. You don’t have to believe what I believe. I love you no matter what for who YOU are. This just happens to be who I am. I hope you still love me no matter what.


Through the years I had other problems besides money issues. Like my marriage or my parents. So besides believing things will get better, a LOT of praying went into this also. But I see God differently than the normal way most people do. God is not a person or a Him or in a Heaven waiting for us to behave ourselves to get into Heaven.

Instead, I see God as energy within all of us. We are all apart of each other and God. Since God is bigger than life and created not only these planets and universe but lots of other universes. How can one man do that?  God MUST be bigger than all of those universes or else his energy is. With that in mind and my thoughts of believing I can achieve what ever I believe I can, that is what I focus on when I want something and I usually get what I want.

With that came this opened door to this other thing that I cannot even describe. All I can say is that I know this energy is with me that has me feel things from people that I couldn’t feel before. Like my senses are stronger. I get this vibe from "others" that are around me. A couple of times I even heard their voice. I am not kidding you. You know I am no KooKoo, Liz.

One time early in the morning I was trying to wake up to get ready for work and I just couldn’t wake up. Then I heard a voice say, "How can I help you if you won’t wake up!"  I woke up suddenly. I looked around the room. No one was there. It was a woman’s voice but yet not a talking voice but more of a thought from someone else. Was I dreaming?

I got in the shower and then it hit me. I knew within my gut there is someone there within me. Their always has been. They help me get through life. Scientist call it your conscience cuz they have no other explanation or it. Notice in the words ‘con-science’. They are just laughing at us cuz we bought it!

But it’s the ones on the other side helping you through life telling you what to do. If you ever get that feeling that something is just not right and you need to run. That is them helping you since birth.

It’s also a fact that you have lived before so your soul has already experienced what you are just learning in this life. So if you have a fear of heights for no apparent reason it’s probably cuz you have fallen in a past life. You soul never forgets. Since I figured all this out, I have read more about it all and now I have an easier outlook on life. I know why we are all here. Just the word "knowing" is more profound in my vocabulary now than ever before. It’s nothing you can find in any Bible or church. All of this is already within you but no one teaches it cuz it’s not SEEN.

We are raised to get closer to God through religion and church and all the rules and dogma. "Don’t do this and don’t do that. And you’re going to hell if…"  All of that FEAR is to keep you from the truth. The truth is that you already have the power within your own mind and body. The Bible was MAN-ipulated to serve the religions and churches. Not us. It was rewritten and changed from ‘the gods’ to ‘God’ so we wouldn’t know who was really running things back then.

This isn’t a get out of jail free card though. People are still not supposed to kill and stuff, but they are to know that not by the rules on tablets by Moses but by looking within themselves. Your mind and spirit is all you need to meet God and still be alive! I don’t like to sound like a 60’s Flower Power chick but LOVE is power! How do you think the deaf, blind, and crippled find God or get what they want when they can’t get to church? Do they automatically go to hell? Nope.

Or how about the bush tribes in Africa that don’t know anything about all of these hundred religions and where to find a church? Do they go straight to hell? Nope. We don’t need those things to be with the real God. That so called god in the Bible is not the real God. If you have ever read it you would understand. I have read 4 different versions of Bibles. That god is not our God. That book was made to scare us into their churches and religions. FEAR.

With Catholics and Christians they believe the only way to heaven is believing in Jesus. Well, those bush tribes don’t know anything about this Jesus person. Could God really create a heaven and hell and say, ‘to anyone who’s never heard of Jesus must go straight to hell.’ Or ‘whomever is not a Catholic or Christian must go straight to hell.’

Oh but wait! There is a ‘Limbo’ and a ‘Purgatory’ used as a waiting room so god can decide where you belong. 

In the Bible this god orders murders just cuz he wants power. He makes mistakes and has to be corrected by Moses and others. He is jealous. He is a murderer.  Not to mention he needs to fly on a metal disk in the sky (Ezekiel). Does this sound like our perfect God? Not mine.

Religion and politics. All are rich from our FEAR.  All of that keeps us 10 times further away from knowing God.  It’s always been there within us all along if we only pay attention. We could be 10 times closer to feeling the presence and the knowing if we only prayed looked within instead of looking up and reaching for the sky. Unless you want to pray to aliens.

They feed us this stuff so we never learn the truth… that we don’t need them to get close to God or the true meaning of our existence or the powers we already have.  They do this cuz its good business. Ever seen a poor Priest? A poor Pope? A poor Politician? 

I’m not saying they are all this way. There are those one or two whom are genuinely there for the people and go poor just to help the real needy. It’s sad that we don’t get to see them around though.

I have been studying this for a few years now and I will always be JUST a student, but my eyes are open now. I wish I could share this with others but because of the touchy subject matter, hardly anyone will listen. If anything they take offense. It’s sad. This is not a cult or new age anything. This is not satanism. It’s just us. People. We have a power that the powerful does not want us to realize.

It’s time to WAKE UP.

The Latest Reviews On My Debut Album “Poet”

Check out the latest reviews on my debut album "Poet":)

Metal Maidens

Street Voice UK Music Magazine
(in their ‘August 2008 Reviews’ blog)

My album is now on CDBaby and some of my tunes can be heard here on the karmacaffe Music Forum.

Have a wonderful weekend:)


Spiritual Vacation

Soothe your soul with a spiritual vacation

For a spiritual vacation at a serene destination of your choice, you must ensure that nothing stops you from coming back healed. Here are a few pointers to help you get the maximum out of your spiritual retreat:

1. Ban mobile phones You are at a spiritual retreat because you want to disconnect with the outer world and connect with your inner world. So you must banish your mobile phone. Check SMSes once in a while so that in case of urgency people are able to reach you. But avoid taking or making calls.

2. Take a break from work Do not agree to reply to mails, attend conference calls or video conferences. Make it clear at your work place that you are unreachable for the duration of your leave.

3. Avoid the company of people you are having conflicts with If you and your spouse are going through a tough phase, do not take this vacation with him or her. Going alone will help you strike peace with yourself, analyse the cause of the conflict at length and enable you to come back with effective solutions for solving the conflict.

4. Soak in the beauty of nature No medicine can match the healing power of nature. So allow your senses to arrest the tranquil beauty that your surroundings have on offer.

5. Break all rules Do not try to do things by the book. Instead, listen to your heart’s whispers. If your heart itches to go for a walk early in the morning instead of doing Yoga, go for it. Indulge in yoga after that. As long as you do the right things right, when you do them and where you do them can be ignored.

7 Teachings Of Sant Mat, The Path Of The Masters

By James Bean

1) God is Real..

2) God is Love, the Ocean of Love and Compassion..

3) All of the world scriptures teach about the same manifestation of God as inner mystical Light and Sound..

4) Our true identity is soul, the Self. Soul is part of God and therefore is, like God, pure love..

5) During this human existence we have an opportunity to experience God..

6) As we experience communing with God’s love during meditation — Surat Shabd Yoga, we can rise above body-consciousness and explore Inner Space, the "Kingdom of the Heavens" that are within us. "We travel back from the realm of Darkness to the realm of Light, from the Light to divine Sound, and from the realm of Sound to the Soundless state." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj) The drop merges back into the Ocean of Love..

7) As we get initiated into the Mysteries of the Spirit by a Living Teacher (Sant Satguru), the purpose of our life is fulfilled. Reuniting with God is our reason to be here: "It was for the sake of the God-conscious beings that our True Lord created this earth, and began this play of death and birth".. (Adi Granth) Kabir says: "For millions of years you have slept. This morning, will you not wake?"..

"All beautiful forms and tones of this world are mere reflections of some aspect of that ultimate Love-Music of the Great Creative Word. Within the vast complex of creation, each individual spirit is himself/herself a spark of that Eternal Song of Love"..

"There are those who have wandered among the darting comets and the shimmering orbs of sounding fire. The soul-explorer is not alone, for there are those who have traveled the highways of the inner cosmos; far more than one may at first realize"..

"…The planes of heaven are about us everywhere. One has only to know this simple truth consciously, and then we will be free".. (George Arnsby Jones)

Grace Light Intensive (9-Gate Process)

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines

10950 North Torrey Pines Road

San Diego, CA 92037

10am – 5pm

Igniting the Human Heart: Grace Light Intensive

This summer you can be a part of an extraordinary global phenomenon – the entry of Grace Light into the human heart. This miracle will diffuse your sorrows, diseases and other negative realities while infusing your heart with new levels of compassion, joy, and divine intelligence. Revered Master Dattatreya Siva Baba will transmit profound Grace Light empowerment for physical, mental and spiritual healing. Come receive this Grace Light and learn to be a "giver" of the light to heal your communities and awaken the human heart.

For more information and to register online, please go to this link:


Upcoming Intensives:

August 23, 2008 in NYC

August 30, 2008 in NM