My Youtube Channel

Hello everyone,

I’m just letting you all know that my YouTube Channel is now officially up and running:)  The videos uploaded so far are my "Run Away and Hide" music video, a behind the scenes look at the making of my "Run Away and Hide" video, and a live in store performance of my new song, "Lost Little Girl" (available on the La Femme Electrique compilation CD which will be available at shows and in my webstore on my new upcoming website) at Borders Bookstore in Monroeville, PA.

There is much more waiting to be uploaded to the YouTube Channel.  While we are making my music videos available pretty much anywhere on the internet and tv, there will be things like my upcoming behind the scenes show, live performances, and vlogs that will be exclusive to YouTube.

You can check out the YouTube Channel at

Also, don’t forget the La Femme Electrique Concert and CD Release Party at Club Cafe tomorrow night.  We share the stage with Surviving the Odyssey, Ayris, and Blindsider.  The doors open at 7:00pm.  More info can be found at .  It’s only $7.00 to get in:)

Have a great evening everyone.


Music Corner Tv

Hello all,

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.  Just a quick announcment in regards to the music video for "Run Away and Hide."  I’m happy to say that the video has been added to the roster of Music Corner TV.  Music Corner TV is an internet music video TV show based out of Croatia.  It is linked to Croatian Catholic Radio.  Music Corner TV and Croatian Catholic Radio play a wide variety of artists including Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, The Beatles, Catya Mare, Delerium, Deep Forest, The Carpenters, Celtic Woman, Abba, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera, Ace of Base, Enya, Gregorian, Enigma, and many more.  A big thanks to Mario and the folks over at Music Corner TV and  Jason and I are both thrilled to be included on a roster of such esteemed musical acts.  You can check them out on the web at their myspace and youtube channels:

Head on over and watch my video and the vids of all the other artists played by them as well:)

There is also still time to vote for the video at IndiMusic TV:

We are currently uploading videos to my new YouTube Channel.  We plan to have this up and running by the new year.  Stay tuned:)

This is also your last chance to enter our final contest for 2008!  One name will be drawn tomorrow night and the winner will be announced and contacted via email on Wednesday (Christmas Eve).  The winner will recieve and signed copy of my album "Poet," a signed 8×11 of Jason and myself by Jason and myself, and a signed poster from my "Poet" CD release party (a rare item).  All you have to do is sign up for my monthly mailing list and you’re in!

Finally don’t forget to come see us, Surviving the Odyssey, Ayris, and Blindsider perform at the La Femme Electrique CD release party at Club Cafe on December 28!  Location and ticket info can be found in the concert section of my myspace as well as at

Have a wonderful, happy holidays everyone!


Scarborough Fair

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update:

Celtic Myth Podshow will be featuring "Scarborough Fair" on January 10, 2009 for their New Years show.  Check them out on their own myspace:

There is also some more current and upcoming airplay: The Cool Tunes (US), Halloween (US), KIAC Ambient Top 25 (US), Rockstars Glued (US).

More press is also on the way.  There will be ads for my album in two upcoming magazine issues: Twisted Dreams Magazine Feb 2009 Issue (US-they have a great review of the album in their current Oct 2008 issue) and the next issue of Fireworks Magazine (UK-they featured the remix of "Ghost" on their Catz n Claws compilation album as well as a brief article on Jason and I).  For all you Clevelanders the Cleveland, OH based art magazine Artist Review Today will also be featuring an article in their next issue.  I also found out that Crawling Tunes Magazine did a review on my album in their latest and current issue.  This is my third time somehow featured in the German-based magazine.  Crawling Tunes always sells out of their issues so pick it up.  Our friends, Surviving the Odyssey, are also featured in this Crawling Tunes issue on the CD and DVD compilation so be sure to get em while their still hot off the press:)

Twisted Dreams Magazine-

Fireworks Magazine-

Artists Review Today-

Crawling Tunes Magazine-

I’ve been working with Mark Kapsha and Rowen Poole in constructing my new website.  We have the web address and everything set up.  We just need to put together the site.  We do though have a ‘preview’ of it:

New contact info is as follows:

We plan to have the new website up in early 2009.

Last but definatly not least, we have a new show to mark the end of the year.  It is the La Femme Electrique CD Release Party.  We will be sharing the stage with Surviving the Odyssey, Ayris, and Blindsider.  We (and some other great bands) all have songs featured on the La Femme Electrique compilation CD.  The songs of mine featured on the disc are ‘Warrior’ and a track that is (until now) never before released.  Copies of the comp album will be available at the show and I will also have copies at upcoming shows on the ‘Poet’ tour as well as in my upcoming new webstore.  The show takes place on Sunday, December 28 at 7:00pm at Club Cafe in the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA.  For more location info and to purchase tickets, visit

Well, that’s all for now.

Stay warm (if you’re like me and you live where it’s freezing)!


P.S.- You can still view and vote for my new music video, "Run Away and Hide" at the link below:)


Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance in Canoga Park with Saahira. She is simply the best. Call 340-yoga.
Fridays from 9-midnight Dance Jam. $10.00. If you bring a friend its $5.00 each. This is not a class. It’s an opportunity to just have fun dancing to a wide variety of music in an alcohol free, smoke free, pick up line free environment. Dance like no one’s looking.
In the Mudra Yoga and Dance Studio 21835 Sherman Way, Canoga Park Ca 91303, (818) 340-YOGA

Premieres Tonight On Indimusic Tv

Hello  all,

Just a reminder that the music video for the song "Run Away and Hide" off of my album ‘Poet" premieres tonight on IndiMusic TV!

If you live in the New York tri state area, you can watch it on television on Channel 10/55 WLNY TV at 11pm tonight.

If you don’t live in the NY Tri State area, you can see it by getting onto the website and voting the video into the top 10:)

Click on the link belowe to see the video and vote (if clicking on it doesn’t work as it sometimes doesn’t on myspace, simply copy and paste the link into your browser):

The video was shot by award winning videographer/photographer Alisa Lawson with Jenna Lowe on makeup.

Hope you enjoy the video and vote:)  Also stay tuned for more radio airplay coming soon:)

Have a great evening,


My First Music Video

Hello and a very Happy Holidays to everyone:)

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after being in sunny Florida for a week’s vacation:)

Here’s some news coming your way though:

I am happy to announce the world premiere of my first music video, "Run Away and Hide" on December 6, 2008.  IndiMusic TV (IMTV) will be premiering the video both on it’s Television station and it’s website on the internet.  For those of you in the New York Tri State area, you can watch the video on television on channel 10/55 on WLNY TV on Saturdays at 11pm.  If you do not live in the NY tri state area, you can watch the video and others by clicking on the link below:  

There is more though for the music video.  This IMTV program is also sort of like a TRL (Total Request Live) type of show.  You can also click on the videos to vote for them and the artist with the most votes ends up getting an entire episode dedicated to them.  So on December 6, not only can you watch the video, but you can vote for it and put in the top 10 to be in the running to win an entire episode:)

The always supportive people at has featured me in their music section:)  Thanks again, Chandi!

While in Florida, I was informed by the fine folks at the British podcast show, The Celtic Myth Podshow, that they were interested in using my version of "Scarborough Fair" on their holiday/new years show!  I will let you know of specific dates as to when the song will air, but you can check them out at the following link:

As some of you know, Jason and I founded our new production company, Poets Labyrinth Productions, in 2008.  But, we are now unveiling the production company’s new homes on the web.  If you are on myspace, add us here at

You can also check out the production company’s temporary website at

There is a new chance to win an autographed copy of Poet!  We are doing a special holiday contest for those on the mailing list.  Names will be drawn on December 23 (the day before Christmas Eve).  In addition to winning a CD, you will also win an 8×11 of Jason and myself signed by both of us and a signed poster from my ‘Poet’ CD release party!  If you already have the CD, give the won copy to a friend and keep the signed photos for yourself:)  Simply sign up for the monthly mailing list and you’re in!  The mailing list is on my myspace page:

Well, that’s about all for now, folks!


The Soulmate Or Twinflame Shankari

The New Age belief in a soulmate or twinflame is the belief that god made us whole and then split us apart into male/female manifestations. It is the belief that one can only be complete as a person if they find this perfect mate, the soulmate. I would like to openly question this belief system. The first idea is that god did not make us complete, and we are left to wander the earth looking for the perfect person to make us whole. When we find that person our lives will be blissful and heavenly. It’s quite a huge expectation to place upon one person. This unknown poor person must fulfill all the ego attachments that I have. I guess they would have to have lots of money, constantly pour praise upon me, be a knight in shining armor, and be great in bed too. All the while I don’t need to look inside myself or provide anything to cure what’s ailing me. That will be the duty of the soulmate. If he’s not here in this lifetime, then I must languish through this lifetime, but preferably not without a few sexual partners. We do seem to find ourselves incomplete or lacking. We find that we have so many needs and desires and they just cannot be filled. We want money, and cannot get enough of it. We want people to like us and praise us, and we just can’t get enough of that either. We want sex and we just can’t get enough of that as well. We are driven by these cravings and feel unfulfilled as a result of these cravings. We will never be fulfilled as long as we have these issues. We are victims of our own demons, and project these demons out onto the world preferably onto the unfortunate soul who we name as a “soulmate”. In other words, the inner problems are taken from the inside and projected onto the outside. We not only focus this on the outside, but also project this onto a mythological person called a soulmate. Because someone else can never cure our inner problems, we are constantly searching for this elusive beast, and never find him/her. It’s seductive to say that this other person can meet all my needs. Who wants to listen to some old ascetic talking about looking within to fulfill our needs? That’s too much work, and besides I won’t get any sex while I’m looking within either, or money, or praise or attention. The old ascetic’s advice is for free, but because we want someone to tell us what we want to hear, we’ll pay thousands of dollars listening to someone who will tell us what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear. Notice the New Age guru who goes through 7 husbands to finally find her soulmate only to divorce him as well. This craving cannot be filled. She rolled over 7 different lives searching for a myth only to find her inner turmoil remained. Another person would not lift her inner turmoil, because that turmoil lies within her—not outside of her. Notice no one questions why this love guru who speaks about soulmates had seven unsuccessful marriages. If this person were so adept at finding a soulmate, she would not have gone through seven different people to find him meanwhile destroying all seven people. I say question it. If your psychic or New Age guru has multiple marriages, he/she should NOT be talking about love. Obviously they have not mastered the technique very well. Do soulmates exist? Did god make us incomplete? I will tell you what an old ascetic told me. Our only soulmate is god. We are searching for that inner truth that can only be answered through a spiritual quest. We should not place this burden upon another person to fulfill. We need to be willing to take the hard lesson and understand that sometimes lessons are difficult and sometimes the old ascetic is right. Sometimes the person we are looking for is right in front of us. Divorcing another person to go on a fantastical journey to nowhere is ridiculous. Stay with that person and see what the problems are. Many times we will discover the problems are within. When we divorce people, the problems remain. They don’t go anywhere. Don’t try to take another person’s spouse away either. If you think that your soulmate is married to someone else, he/she is not your soulmate. Get a grip on your lust. (Now if you are being spousally abused, I would say leave right away without question.) Being alone is okay. It’s a time to listen to ourselves and find out who we really are. It’s okay to be an ascetic too. We don’t all have to be married or find fulfillment being sexual. Sometimes we focus so much on finding “true love” that we miss the chance to meditate in silence alone. When we are young we are so eager to satisfy our sexual desires that miss an opportunity to focus exclusively upon study, or upon finding out who we really are. We won’t be a really good partner unless we have taken that chance to step back, grow up, and reflect on who we really are. When we are old as well, and our spouses have passed on, we can take the time to develop ourselves and make peace with our own mortality. We need not continue to have cravings or attachments that we had when we were younger. At that point we need to be aware that our entire personality is about be deleted by death. We need to spend time contemplating that rather than struggling to stave off these reflections by searching for another sex partner.