No Man Is An Island

In this time of job crisis I have started a site which collects job listings from various places and posts them. The intent of the site is that you get a job fast.


John Donne (1572-1631) said "no man is an island". What he meant by that is that we are all a part of the whole and we share the same goals and dreams. What affects one affects the whole. Therefore we all benefit from mutual assistance, support and respect.
I was introduced to a brand new job site called  This site has blogging benefits, meaning that people can reveal details  about any particular job posting, if they choose to.  is committed to helping others find jobs during these challenging times. There are hundreds of listings already in several states, and more are being added daily.
I encourage you to check it out. At the same time may I gently remind you to keep positive, watch your self-talk and help others in any way you can. Helping others will also help you. Do not underestimate the power of a smile and a kind word. It will go a long way.
We can and we will get through this together! 

Om Sai Nath

Sacred Mexico Retreat This March Last Minute Rate Reduction And Invitation

Author: Ginafrans

We would like to extend to you our last minute special to join us for an exciting and unforgettably transformational journey to sacred Mexico this March 5-10, 2009. During this trip we will be visiting the ancient city and temples of Tulum on the sea. We will also participating in a healing ceremony with a Mayan shaman. There will be a workshops on crystal healing and shamanic journeying, as well as opportunities to meditate and raise consciousness on the powerful vortexes of the area. You will have the chance to learn to dowse for ley lines and energy spots; receive reiki treatments; relax on the beach or swim with the dolphins and meet like-minded people.  And yes, there will be plenty of free time for you to enjoy all the amenities of the resort, town, and natural area. We realize that you need this break for yourself and so our program is very relaxed and casual giving space to make this YOUR TIME.

We will be staying at a 5 star resort on the beach on the Playa del Carmen for the all-inclusive rate of $675 per person in a double room. Single rooms are $975 per person. This includes all food, workshops, tour, drinks, activities, and transfers to and from the airport. This is a special rate that we found, but requires the viewing of their timeshare program. We do not benefit from this in any way, except that we wanted to find you the lowest rate possible. If you wish to go, but don’t want to watch their hour presentation, then we can set you up with an all-inclusive rate at a little higher price. If you want to go, but want to find your own hotel nearby, then let us know and we can arrange a rate for you for just the activities and workshops.

This chance won’t last for long. We are extending this offer due to continued interest in our journey. If you or your friends would like to go, please let us know and we will reserve a place for you. We also have a group discount rate if you have several people who would like to be there. The deposit to hold your place is $150 and we have extended the deadline on this until Feb. 5. If you know several people who would like to go, ask us about our affiliate program and receive cash for those you sign up on this retreat or others.

And by the way, airfare has gone down in 2009! So, act now while the prices to travel are low! To give an example, a month ago our airfare went down from $700 to around $350! We don’t include the price of airfare in our offer, but just wanted to give you an example of how the airlines have currently lowered their rates.

Another opportunity for you is that we will allow those who attend to promote their own healing practices or businesses, if you have books, cd’s or healing services that you wish to share. We won’t give a long presentation time for this, but you have to opportunity to network and offer your time if you wish. We do emphasize that this is a relaxed and healing retreat, but we realize that many of you may have creative gifts and healing that you would like to share too and we welcome your participation and interaction.

Contact us here to register or email© or call 479-754-8273 or 479-774-2495

Blessings of Love and Light,
Gina and Frans

Crack The Top 10

Hello everyone,

I received some really nice news from the folks at SongVault.  First, "Ghost" managed to crack the top 10 in the Adult Contemporary Charts peaking at number 5 and remaining in the top 10 for a little over a month.  "Ashes to Dust" cracked the top 10 in their Alternative/Goth Charts also remaining there for about a month.  "Scarborough Fair" cracked the top 20 (number 19) on their World Music Charts.  But that’s not all:)  "Ghost" and "Ashes to Dust" have both been ‘promoted’ to their next tiered station, SongVault Showcase due to their high placements on the charts.  This means that both songs are only two tiers away from being placed in the SongVault Directory and having permanent placement on the SongVault Radio network!  You can visit and vote for my songs as well as check out some other bands and songs.  Cool stuff:)  Hopefully "Scarborough Fair" will make it in there too:)  Though, "Scarborough Fair" has remained in Radio Artistopia’s Top 10 in their World Music Charts for about 4 months!

I also received an email from CDBaby stating that they have officially sold out of their copies of "Poet"!  Time to ship more copies pronto:)

In conjunction with the 2009 Tour, I now have a Demand It Widget from at the bottom of  my myspace page.  One of my favorite things to do is play shows and tour and we like to know where our fans are:)  So that we may plan this tour as well as future tours, we would love it if you would click on the Demand It widget and let us know you would like a show in your city and state.  We want to continue bringing you new songs as well as the old ones:)

I am currently sitting in 4th place on the Battle of Bands.  Continue the votes:)

Well, that’s all for now folks.


La Femme Electrique Cd

Hey all,

Just a quickie update:

First, we have new merch!  I now have new buttons courtesy of decayingyouth.  The La Femme Electrique CD is now officially released with the exclusive track, "Lost Little Girl" and a slightly different version of my song "Warrior."  I will be making pay buttons for them until they are available in my new webstore on my new upcoming website.  Of course, they will also be available at shows.  Some have inquired about shirts and that is the next thing we are working on:)

I now have footage of the performance of our set at the La Femme Electrique concert at Club Cafe that took place just a week ago on my YouTube Channel as well as two vlogs.  Check them out at

The vlogs are also available on my road journal: which will be linked to my new website.

Also, "Scarborough Fair" was be played on the Celtic Myth Podshow straight out of London, England on January 10.  The following is a message from Gary of Celtic Myth Podshow with the info:
"Just a quick note to let you know that Scarborough Fair is available on the New Year  Music Special, (SP08) which is available to all the subscribers to our show as well as online at . To go along with the Show, there is a page in the Shownotes section at ."
You can view my Celtic Myth Podshow page at the following link:
A big thank you to Gary and the rest of the gang at the Celtic Myth Podshow:)  You can still listen to the show in the show’s archives.

For those of you on the mailing list, the January newsletter will be coming within a couple days.  We’ve had some minor computer issues.

Well, that’s all for now but more to come:)


From Om To Orgasm Book Review

Author: Chandi Devi
From Om to Orgasm
Chandi Devi & J Ram Sivanand
ISBN: 978-1-4343-4960-6
Non-Fiction, Tantra, Sexuality, Spirituality
Reviewed by Michael Woodhead

Tantra involves more than just sex, and this “primer” explains so much more of the spiritual, psychological, moral, and physical reasoning behind it. Utilizing a multitude of charts, photographs and illustrations, the authors demonstrate how Tantra works, and what various elements of it correspond to or mean. As they draw on both ancient and modern resources, the authors explain and expound on such concepts as life energy, the Chakras, yin and yang, karma, love, intimacy, the Tantric secret to manifestation, sexual union, worship, just to name a few of the topics related to this ages-old art of spiritual sexuality. Also included are some suggested practice sessions for individuals and couples, and some “quick Tantra tips” which take five minutes or less to complete.

Overall, this is an excellent introduction to a highly misunderstood life path. Explanations of various concepts abound and, although better suited for couples, the information presented is more than adequate for individuals as well, offering wisdom regarding significant others: “the partner we select should share our basic philosophy of life, possess interests, energy and passions similar to our own, and have a capacity for spiritual growth, mental expansion, and emotional development”. Certainly, advice we could all use from an early age.

Also included is an interesting chart that contrasts Western thought and Eastern teachings, i.e. Western religion and Eastern spirituality. If you’re curious at all about Tantric philosophy, then this book is for you.

Sacred Mexico Retreat March 5-10, 2009

We are very pleased to tell you about this exciting opportunity for us all. March 5-10, 2009 we are embarking on a beautiful and magical journey to sacred Mexico at Playa del Carmen near Cancun and we want you to come with us! This is a very exclusive and lovely area with pristine beaches and close access to the sacred pyramids and sites. Its very tourist friendly, safe and an amazing energy to experience.

We will be staying at an unbelievably luxurious 5 star all-inclusive resort on the Mayan Riviera beach and visiting sacred sites, giving spiritual workshops, and allowing some free time to enjoy the area, amenities, and friendship of like-minded souls. There are even ancient Mayan sites on the property! We have a very great price for all this which gives you a huge discount a day from what this would normally cost!

Our workshops and activities will include: Shamanic Journeying; Healing workshops; Crystal Skull Intro; How to activate Crystal skulls and Crystals; Dowsing for ley lines and vortexes at the sacred site of Tulum on the sea; Connecting and healing ourselves and the sacred grid; Mayan Calendar workshops. Meditations and much more! There is also a place to swim with the dolphins next to the resort! We are making plans to have a mayan shaman who lives in the area work with on this.

The all-inclusive price for all accommodations, food, drinks, activities, tour, workshops, meditations for 5 days and 4 nights will be $865 per person in a shared, large suite with 2 people. If you would like your own suite (they are large!), then it would be $1125. You also can stay longer if you like for an extra $150 per day for one or two people.

Please let us know very soon if you would like to go with us at this very low price because the rooms will fill up very quickly. It may be possible to still join us later, but the prices for the hotel will be much higher. $525 would have to be paid to the hotel as soon as possible and a $150 deposit paid to International Spiritual Experience by Dec 15th. Normally, the price would be around $1200 in a shared suite per person (as opposed to the $865 offer) or $1800 for a suite by oneself (as opposed to the $1125)! Don’t let this opportunity slip away! You deserve this and it will be an incredible journey of transformation, fun, and healing that you will never forget!

Blessings in Light and Love,

Gina and Frans(ISE)

PS You may also be interested in our upcoming plans for Mallorca in May and Summer Solstice in Ireland. We will let you know about these also. And the photos from the Celtic New Year Retreat in Ireland last month our on our website in the gallery. It was an amazing experience for sure! Thank you to those who supported us in spirit!

PSS Here is the link for the registration form. Deposit to hold space due Dec. 15 ($150)