Spotlight Artist Featured Article

Hi everyone,

First I wanted to inform everyone that Amy of the website Collected Sounds did a Spotlight Artist featured article:)  You can check it out at the following link:

Spotlight on: Tiffany Apan

You can also check out some of the other great Spotlight Artists and the rest of the website.  It is a great music site and worth checking out.

I also wanted to thank those who came out to our in store performance at Borders in Northway Mall.  We really had a great crowd.  Unfortunatly, the store’s PA system died shortly after our set began.  We were able to do a couple more songs without the PA but were unable to do the whole show.  We have rescheduled this performance for April 3.  More info is in the show section on my myspace music page.

We are also setting up an in store performance at Hot Topic.  More info on that coming very soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,


Check out more up do date info at

Three New Photos

Hello all,

Just a quick update:
I posted three new photos as a sort of preview for the upcoming new website.  The photos were taken by Jenn Transue who served as DOP on my "Run Away and Hide" music video (you may recognize the photos as scenes from the video).  More of these photos will be seen on my new website as well as photos from a shoot I did with Odd.  There will be familiar photos as well as fresh, new ones.  Take a gander at the Jenn Transue photos in my Photo Shoots album and see what kind of stuff you’ll find on the new website.  You can also visit the ‘preview’ of the new website at the following link:
We are also making progress on the "Ashes to Dust" music video, the SECOND music video:)  We are working on this with talented filmmaker, Zane Hershberger.  We only have one more outdoor shot to get and we will be working on the indoor scenes for the video.  We’ve got some really great shots and I’m excited to see how the video turns out. 
As it will already be a year (already) at the end of February since the release of my debut album "Poet," I am beginning production on my second album.  We are in the writing phase of the album and have rough demos for songs entitled ‘Earth,’ ‘The Journey (City of Gold),’ ‘Heaven,’ and ‘Antarctica.’  We plan to begin production in March.  Rowen Poole (of Persephone’s Dream) will be producing the album and we will be recording at StarGlider Studios in Gibsonia, PA.  I’m very much looking forward to the artistic direction in which this album will take.
I also have a new Vlog up on YouTube which will also be on my RoadJournal momentarily.  Swing over to my YouTube page and have a look as I come to you from my Poets Labyrinth office:D  I also have up some of my own personal picks from some of my favorite artists:)
Finally, we are securing some more tour dates.  One in New York City and the  other very close to my hometown where I grew up (Wilkes Barre, PA).  Stay tuned:)

That’s all for now,

9 Dimensions Of Kappaguerra

"The Only War to Wage is Within", is a system of "Healthy Living and Self-Defense" with many internal and external features resembling, or, based on other well known Martial Arts; specifically Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, Boxing and Wrestling.

The name KappaGuerra rhymes with Capoeira from which it derives many movements and much of its culture and philosophy. KappaGuerra is also  structured with the Science of Numerology. Kappa is the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet. 10 is a 1 in numerology as 1+0=1. Guerra is the Portuguese and Spanish word for war; thus "The Only War…"

Numerology also utilizes alpha-numerics. Each letter in the alphabet correspondes with one number from 1 through 9. The following 9-Dimensions are explored as a KappaGuerra Practitioner, and are listed here as a brief and general overview.

1. (AJS) A Journey South- Sweeps, take downs, footwork, falls, rolls, lower-body strikes…
2. (BKT) Black Kite’s Tail- Throws, boxing, acrobatics, climbing, hand/eye coordination…
3. (CLU) Close Lines Unite- Inside fighting, trapping, grappling, wrestling…
4. (DMV) Dark Mind Visions-  Self-Hypnosis Exercise (SHE), psychological strategies, lucid-dream exploration…
5. (ENW) Entering New Worlds- Metaphysics, meditation, Dream Action Yoga (DAY)…
6. (FOX) F O X- Animalistic movement for enhancement of agility, flexility, speed, power, control…
7. (GPY) Group Play Yard- Facing multiple combatants, fighting alongside others…
8. (HQZ) Head Quarter Zone- Protecting and attacking the neck, head, and sense organs…
9. ( I R ) Inner Resolve- Improvisation, spontaneity, Independent, Integrated-Intelligence (3rd-I)

In each Dimension of KappaGuerra, there are 9-Levels or frequencies, represented by 7 colors of the visible spectrum of light, sandwiched between black and white; the absence of all light, and the integration of all colors. The colors from red to violet correspond with the 7 most commonly referenced Chakras of our Kundalini energies. These colors may be used as a general rating of skill level in each dimension.

1. Black; "in the dark", beginner.
2. Red
3. Orange; low vibration
4. Yellow
5. Green; center
6. Blue
7. Indigo; high vibration
8. Violet
9. White; all colors; master.

In numerology 1 is the beginning and 9 is completion. 9 vibrates with the characteristics of the numbers 1 through 8; just as white-light can be separated into all of the other colors, red through violet, by using a prism.

Besides having personal experience using Capoeira, Boxing, and Wrestling as Martial Arts, both in competition and street-fights, and currently as a method of Healthy Living and Self-Defense, here are a few more insights to their combined utility.

Capoeira is primarily explored because of the rich history behind it, the diversity of movement, The Berimbau, music, the rituals and "party" atmosphere of the events (rodas) and training. Technically proficiency with escaping, countering and redirecting rather than blocking attacks. Physically it is an optimum training practice for full body strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and agility. Very good kicking and leg work. Uses lots of close fighting and take-downs which is very congruent with wrestling.

Boxing is effective with learning to protect the head and attack with the hands. Great cardiovascular conditioning. Techniques for causing knock-outs and protecting the bones of the hands. Excellent real-fight preparation: sparring. Includes Thai Boxing (Muy Thai) and Neng Da ("super-punches").

Wrestling is effective for understanding, guarding and countering complex and potentially  dangerous chokes and joint manipulation; moves that may decide a victory in the ring, but can kill or disable in the street. Wrestling, written here, and applied in KappaGuerra, is an open term for all grappling, throwing and submission disciplines.

KappaGuerra is the dynamic, physical discourse that embodies the concept of "Personal Development Through the Love of Learning", or what I call "Heuristic-Philology". The heuristic method, through which pupils are taught to find out things for themselves, is best fueled by philology; the love of learning. Exercise Your Mind; the body must follow.

Our First Release On A Record Label

Hello everyone,

After a VERY intense Super Bowl game, we’re coming at you all with some news:)

One month into 2009, we were notified that we will have our first release on a record label!  "Ghost" has been selected to appear on a compilation CD to be released on a label.  This will mark the fourth compilation CD to include a song off of "Poet."  More info coming soon as I recieve it.

To go with my upcoming Behind the Scenes show, I have some new entries and photos in my road journal of the latter part of our 2008 tour, more studio photos, and photos from a recent trip to Orlando, FL and Amelia Island over Thanksgiving 2008.  My road journal will be linked to my new website when it is up, but you can also visit the journal at

We are also shooting the second music video to follow up the "Run Away and Hide" music video.  The next music video we are shooting for is "Ashes to Dust."  We are shooting with Zane Hershberger and we got some really neat outdoor shots.  We will be shooting some indoor scenes this weekend and hope to have completed the video for "Ashes to Dust" by the end of February. Music videos and live videos can also be seen at:

IndiMusic TV/ WLNY TV (TV and internet station based out of New York…although voting is over, you can still add the video into the top 10 for the next season)

Music Corner TV

The Jay Rossi Project (Cleveland based TV show)

Other places to see videos are at DailyMotion, Spike, Metacafe, MySpace, and Karmacaffe.

We do have a show this month at another Borders.  It is an in store performance and the album is available in the store.  The info is below:

Borders Bookstore at Northway Mall
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
cost: n/a
Feb 13, 2009

More dates in my Concerts section on my myspace and we securing a few more dates so stay tuned:)

On top of being informed of "Ghost" being included on a record label release, we were also informed by the wonderful Ray Dorsey of RaysRealm that my debut album "Poet" was in the RaysRealm Top 10 albums of 2008!  The album was #9 and here is what he had to say about it:

"Having noted the relative shortage of quality Celtic folk releases over the last year or so, it was an absolute pleasure to have this disc come sliding out of the mailbox and into my player. Simply put, TIFFANY has one of those special voices that not only makes a song but completely owns it. Her ability to write top-level songs and then to mold & shape them with a voice like gold is wonderful. Songs like “Ashes To Dust” & “Warrior (Soldier For Myself)” are other-worldly in their depth & soul and Jason English’s sometimes heavy guitar work adds a surprising & welcome edge."

Please check out Ray’s Top 10 as well as his other music reviews and interviews at:

Thank you very much, Ray!

I’m also happy to say that although I didn’t win the Battle of Bands, I did place 3rd (out of 5).  Thank you to all who voted and keep it coming…

Keep it coming to  "Ghost" and "Ashes to Dust" made it from the SongVault Audtions into the SongVault Showcase.  The two songs immediatly made it into the top 40 on the Showcase Charts but need help and votes getting to a high place on the charts so they can make it into the Finals Charts and then recieve a permanent place in the directory for their internet radio station.  "Scarborough Fair" sits at number 23 and also needs help getting into the Showcase with "Ghost" and "Ashes to Dust."  You do need to have an account on to to vote, but it’s free and you can listen to great indie music of all genres and vote for your favorites:)  Visit my link:

I was also notified by that my live video have been entered into their February contest.  My live video of "Ghost" being performed at Club Cafe on December 28. 2008 has been entered in both the Rock and Pop categories.  Please help the video into the top 25 in one or both categories.  Visit and click on the two links in the COMPETING IN category.  There is only a week to get it into the top 25 and onto the next round:)

Finally, another nice thing:  in addition to selling out of "Poet" on CDBaby, Borders in Monroeville, PA had also sold out of their copies of the album!  We did bring them more copies, so the album can still be purchased there.

Thank you to everyone (you all are awesome)!